Photos: Popular Delta Politician Pictured Kneeling & Begging Another Politician


Popular Deltan politician and current chairman of sapele local Govt Area Chief Ejiafe Odebala was pictured kneeling and pleading in the house of fellow politician and current member of the senate house Hon Monday Igbuya.

This is apparently due to the impending impeachment which he is about to face..
See what Nigerian politics has been reduced to;pics below:

As posted on Facebook:

As long as Sapele and Delta State matter concern i nor go hide am from the public,becos unu be public servant and if anything dey happen among unu na our right to know. I thank God say fear don lost for where i dey since and if death go come for better reason to make sure say Sapele and Delta State better,then make e come becos people like Ken Sarowiwa, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Dele Giwa, Mko Abiola and my only mentor Late Nelson Madiba Mandela do more than this and today deir names dey books of freedom fighters. So if Sapele Okpe Kingdom fit kill deir King intentionally due to bad representation,maybe we need to make Innocent Human for Sacrifice to liberate the name Sapele becos Sapele na small place but the kind things wen dey happen for Sapele dey surprise me.
Sapele people make unu listen and make unu tell us who dey at fault for this matter.
Hon. Ejaife Odebala sidon e own,as he lost out of PDP Politics not only for Local Government but also for the State level. Former Governor of Delta State “His Excellency Emmanuel Uduaghan” hold Sapele and all other Local Government to hostage for years,as e nor gree conduct the Local Government Councils elections. Before he finally conduct the elections,Hon. Godwin Atose wen be d immediate past Chairman and others don dey warm up to contest for the elections and Hon. Godwin Atose don dey plan seriously to become the Chairman again at least to complete e second term and make amends for all where e for Bleep up,becos he almost use all e tenure as Chairman take drink for office,but Rt. Hon. Monday Igbuya and Senator Ighoyota Amori wen go celebrate e birthday for Chicago recently single handedly hand pick Hon. Ejaife Odebala and dem make am renounce him former Party wen e run go and decamp to PDP for Ward4. Na dem Solomon Abeke,Alfred Akpeki and host of others nai accept Hon. Ejaife Odebala into the Party for grass root level.
Months later we begin see Hon. Ejaife Odebala posters to vie for Local Government Chairman,and during the elections report fly enter my ears say na N1Million nai Rt. Hon. Monday Igbuya count give Hon. Ejaife Odebala to use do e campaign to win e elections,and really Hon. Ejaife Odebala emerge the winner and e come become the Chairman of the Council.
Unu go agree with me before now say na Hon. Ejaife Odebala nai represent Sapele for House Of Assembly two times and according to history,e almost impeach James Ibori as a member of the House of Legislature and almost cut some parts of Sapele give Warri North after eguje enter e pocket. Due to say dis young Barrister wen nor gree practice due to Politics, nor want make any Sapele person run House of Assembly pass him wen come from Amukpe to represent Sapele and Igbuya wen nor dey hear word,to represent Sapele from Elume,report cum enter studio say the money wen State PDP bring come,to all Local Government wen reach Hon. Ejaife hand nor reach out to the purpose dem bring am for. Therefore speculations come dey spread follow the town say Hon. Ejaife Odebala work against the hands wen make am Local Government Council Chairman. With this many facebook accounts don dey paste say Hon. Micheal Diden don invite all the Council Councillors to vote Hon. Ejaife Odebala commot from Office. I disagree with that becos Ejele nor get the capacity to intervene for Sapele Politics becos nor be Sapele e dey represent for the House Of Assembly,so make e go him Warri North go play e politics and make e leave Sapele people alone to settle deir disputes.
As for wetin report carry say Hon. Ejaife Odebala do i cum dey doubt weda na truth becos i believe say Odebala suppose wise pass wetin i dey report so,but na the other side i cum dey see now.
My Papa wen don clock 102years tell me say if you buy small dog,na u dey direct the dog,but if you don feed the dog big well well,and u provoke the dog,the dog fit bite you. So wetin dey happen

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