Photos: SEE What 2 Policemen Did To Driver For Refusing To Stop At Checkpoint


Two policemen have been spotted beating up a driver.

According to Jake Okechukwu Effoduh, who uploaded the incident on his Facebook page 3 hours ago, said the driver was stopped at a police checkpoint but refused to obey the officers.

The driver reportedly zoomed off, but one of the policemen had already jumped on the vehicle bonnet, but he didn’t stop the car until other drivers and a police van intercepted him. The police officers used their baton to beat the driver mercilessly before they took him away. Here are a few screen grabbed photos from the video:

Photos: Policemen Beat Up Driver Photos: Policemen Beat Up Driver Photos: Policemen Beat Up Driver

Just few months ago, a police officer in Lagos, identified as Aurthur Okeke, with ID. No.453255 assaulted a heavily pregnant woman.

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