Popular Comedian Caught Shining Eyes At Lady’s B00bs


Hmm, gone are the days when clothes served major purpose of covering the body, especially some vital parts, but today, we are almost back to the era of Adam and Eve.

What ladies wear nowadays can safely be described as rags, which they call fashion. To some ladies, there is no more what is called private parts.

To the crux of the matter, Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law was at an event and he met a long time female fans of his. They both took a photograph, apparently to share their moment together later and the lady was showing off her cleavages.

But what caught my attention was Seyi Law’s finger, which was pointing at the girl’s ‘peeping’ b00bs. I begin to wonder if Seyi Law also loves them big. If yes, I have them a lot with me and they are very classy. See me at our usual joint.

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