Presidential Amnesty Programme Spokesman Resigns, Read Why

The media spokesman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Daniel Alabrah has resigned his appointment.

Alabrah who made this known on Tuesday stated his reason as “irreconcilable differences, inexplicable antagonism and attack on his dignity and self-esteem” among other.

He added that consultants in the PAP office were being owed four months’ salary arrears, a situation, he said, has brought severe hardship on the staff.

He explained that following recent developments in the office, the work environment was no longer conducive for the performance of his duties.

“Following recent developments in the office and due to irreconcilable differences with the Chief of Staff, I have reached the mistaken conclusion that the work environment is no longer conducive for the performance of my duties,” he said.

Alabrah is a former deputy editor in The Sun Newspapers and was appointed head of media of PAP on June 4, 2012.