Read What Happened To Prophet Who Was Caught In Bed With His Friend’s Wife

A prophet of a ‘White Garment’ church, which is situated in a suburb of Lagos, died during sex with a wife of his close friend and an elder in the church.

Prophet, simply identified as Woli Adesoji, had been earlier expelled from another church after he was caught in bed with a member’s wife. However, shortly after the incident he opened his own church and seemed to continue in his indulgence.

As the leader of the church, Adesoji had a free reign and slept with any woman he liked, both married and single.

Speaking with journalists, a church member revealed that the prophet was married and had kids.

“It was a thing of shame when Prophet Adesoji, a married man with several children, died while making love to another man’s wife. And the woman is married to an elder in the church.

“We all know Woli to be very randy and had been suspected by many but since he was the founder of the church, no one could confront him. It seemed the woman’s husband had planted ‘magun’ (a Yoruba voodoo meant to prevent a woman from committing adultery) on his wife and behold, it was Woli that was caught in the trap.

“He died in a very shameful way in his private room in the church. The woman has since fled the area while church members have been trying to come to terms with the ugly incident.”

Earlier this year, Residents of Afugiri in Umuahia North local government area of Abia state were shocked and confused following the tragic news about a mysterious death of a blind prophet, Onyenonachi Agwu, and his family.