RCCG 64th Annual Convention: Adeboye Counsels Against Involvement In Sin


THE General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has again warned Christians against entanglement with sin, urging all to desist from it. Adeboye and his wife Adeboye who made the call in a sermon titled; “You Shall Be Made Whole”, at the ongoing 2016 annual convention of the church, warned that sin removes God’s glory and gives room for sickness which, he said, is an agent of death. He further explained that at creation, there was no sickness but sickness and death came in when man entangled himself with sin by being disobedient to God’s instruction. He added that sin is contagious and it is an insulator that separates man from God.

Adeboye therefore warned that every act of sin must be dealt with before divine healing can take place in a man’s life, insisting: “At the creation there was no sickness, because in the beginning, everything that God created was good and perfect. It was sin that brings sickness. It is an agent of death. The wages of sin is death and agent of death is sickness. “Sin is contagious, once a believer messes him or herself with sin, such person’s prayer will become irrelevant and God cannot answer such prayer,” he averred.

Pastor Adeboye further highlighted that healing is good but wholeness is better, noting that God can cure the incurable, God can reverse the irreversible, can recreate, God can heal one person among a multitude and He has the power to heal all people.

43 babies born

The General Overseer joyfully announced that as at Wednesday night, a total number of 43 babies had been born at the church’s Maternity facility at the Redemption Camp. According to him, 27 of the babies are boys, while the remaining 16 were girls, saying “it appears that boys mean business during this convention.”


On sanitation, Daddy G.O. who repeatedly underscored the need for participants to be clean as cleanliness is next to Godliness, announced that Lagos Province 4 was the cleanest province as at Wednesday night. They are closely followed by Rivers Province 7 while the third position went to Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The dirtiest province, according to the cleric, was Lagos Province 45, followed by Ondo Province 1 and Lagos Province 18 respectively. He then reiterated his call on all participants to ensure they clean their dormitaries and general environment because it is of importance that children of God must at all times be clean.