READ What God Told Bishop Idahosa About Buhari

Bishop Isaac Idahosa reveals the divine afflatus about Muhammadu Buhari and the future of Nigeria under Buhari’s rule – see what it is.


Bishop Isaac Idahosa has told that Muhammadu Buhari is God-sent to Nigeria

The general overseer of the God First Mission International, Bishop Isaac Idahosa has told in an interview about his divine afflatus about Muhammadu Buhari and the future that awaits Nigeria under his leadership.

The general overseer said: “Before the election, God had told me Buhari will become president and when I said that, some people asked me to retract it and I said no, it is God that said so, not me.

He also added that Muhammadu Buhari is the person who will take Nigeria to the Promised Land.

I foresee Nigeria under Buhari becoming a great nation like we once were during the Udoji era, were people from across the globe were happy and proud to come and do business in this country,” told bishop Isaac Idahosa in an interview yesterday in Minna, Niger state.

In Idasoha’s opinion Buhari has already made some positive changes in Nigeria: “take the supply of electricity as example; light is becoming more and more steady even when we have not generated more than it used to be before he came to power.

He added that Buhari will be able to do what the former president couldn’t because “[Goodluck] Jonathan was a good man with good intention for the country, but he was running a 100 metre race with a rain boot strapped to his feet, unlike Buhari who, if need be, will put on a slippers so that he can run the race well.

In his interview on February 14, the Archbishop Isaac Idahosa of the Illumination Assembly , also known as God First Ministry, in Lekki, Lagos, told the press that the presidential election would not only make or mar the unity of Nigeria, but would witness God’s full intervention.

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party has raised an alarm over the way and manner President Muhammadu Buhari has been running the Nigerian economy since he took over the reins of power to preside over Africa’s largest economy.

In a statement today, meant to assess the Buhari’s administration as it prepares to celebrate its first 100 days in office, the PDP alleged that the Nigerian economy is in shambles as the Buhari’s government does not have a clear-cut economic plan.