Read Why University Professor Dumped Wife, 6 Children After 46 Years Of Marriage

A 67-year-old university professor has dumped his wife after 46 years of marriage.

Benki Womboh and his wife

Benki Womboh and his wife Grace Ayoo

Benki Womboh, a professor of library and information science at Modibbo Adama University of Technology in Yola, told a court on Wednesday, August 19, that his life was not safe and he needed to put an end to his troubled marriage.

Premium Times reports that in an affidavit, Womboh disowned his 55-year-old wife, Grace Ayoo, and six children, saying that he was fed up with the marriage.

“There was no longer any love in the marriage. There were several attempts to hold reconciliation meetings with Grace Ayoo, her children and family members but to no avail. Even a meeting convened at the instance of Grace Ayoo’s Pastor at NKST Akaajime, but she refused to attend,” he said.

Womboh confessed that he was forced out of sympathy for his late friend, Pastor Jacob Ayoo, to marry his daughter Grace in August 1969 at Makurdi.

Speaking with journalists, Womboh regretted that his wife had taken custody of the five children leaving him with only one boy.

“Grace Ayoo took away four girls and one boy (Friday Terungwa) that they were not fathered by me. And to make matters worse, she married a security man from the then Benue Cement Company (now Dangote Cement Company) and she sued me for divorce at a magistrate court at Makurdi.

“The court case was struck out because the man who married Grace Ayoo died and so she stopped attending the court,” he said.

Womboh revealed that when he and Grace were living apart, he married three other wives in “quick succession”. However, in 1999 after the death of Grace’s husband, he made a decision to take her and the five children back.

“But as a result of Grace Ayoo deserting the marriage at various times, I had to marry three other wives ‘in succession’, which means that as any one of them left he had to marry another one, because I do not want to be a bachelor at any point in time.

“When Grace Ayoo was brought back in 1999, she refused to recognize these other three wives and their four children. On June 9, 2014 she invited me to her residence at Gboko and dictated new marital terms to me as follows: ‘’Drive away the other three wives,’’ the professor said.

Womboh said that his wife threatened to leave him with their six children if he failed to comply with her demand. The concerned father regretted that his children, whose ages range from 36-46, had refused to help him and call their mother to order.

“The said children, either by means of a devilish spell or covenant, have become so gullible that whatsoever their mother says, they accept hook, line and sinker,” he added.