REVEALED: How USA, West Ignored Jonathan’s Calls For Help In Anti-Boko Haram War

Nigeria’s traditional allies might have deliberately frustrated the efforts of the immediate past administration to tackle the Boko Haram terrorism.

Jonathan - GEJ

An investigation by Sunday Vanguard shows that multiple written appeals by the Jonathan administration were simply ignored by the USA and some other Western nations. This was disclosed to a reporter by an unnamed security source in Abuja.

The informant claimed that up to 25 letters we forwarded to the United States and other Western countries, requesting sale of modern weapons needed for anti-terrorist operation.

Apparently, Nigeria was willing to pay for the desired equipment. The government was not asking it as a gift. However, none of these requests have been satisfied.

“The same people who made all the promises about assisting us to bring an end to the Boko Haram attacks and bring back the abducted Chibok girls did everything they could to frustrate our efforts,” the source said.

The source reminded that only excuse of the Obama administration for refusing to sell the much-needed weapons to Nigeria was that Nigerian troops were reportedly not adhering to the fundamental human rights of the course of the anti-Boko Haram operation.

This made Nigeria to go for a controversial purchase of South African and Israeli weapons. The two deals were eventually foiled in September 2014.

Finally, Nigeria had to turn to Eastern Europe (Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Ukraine) and to Asia for weapons.

“A conclusion was reached that the nation would suffer more devastation should she continue to beg those we regarded as our friends when things were going on well with us,” the source said.

Alternative arms sources did not only receive Nigeria with open hands, but offered more complicated forms of cooperation. They are providing technical assistance, sending extra equipment and some of their military personnel, who join the Nigerian troops for instructing, training and running maintenance for the supplied items.

The expert concluded that the successes recorded from the last months of the Jonathan administration and the progress in the war against Boko Haram under the new president are mainly due to the arrival of various equipments from countries other than Western nations that call themselves Nigeria’s traditional allies.

However, the historic visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Washington DC (July 19-23) might be a starting point to changes in the current situation.