REVEALED: This Is Why Politicians Are Running To APC

President Muhammadu Buhari has been warned to be weary of mass defection of politicians from opposition parties to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.


This warning came from the national secretary of the Labour Paty (LP), Barrister Kayode Ajulo yesterday, August 20, saying that the defectors are trying to evade prosecution, Daily Trust reports.

The LP chieftain said it did not come as a surprise to him some big wigs in the opposition parties are running to APC, the party which, in the build-up to the 2015 elections, many of them disparaged.

Ajulo said: “These are people who vigorously opposed the bid of President Buhari during the campaign season, now he (Buhari) and his party, APC, have become the beautiful bride being courted by many suitors.

“Initially, it was assumed that the decampees were ‘porting’ to the ruling party because they wanted continued access to the huge funds accessible by association with the party in power. However, a close look at these characters shows that they see the APC as some sort of haven and they are flocking into it not so much because they are chasing money but actually because they are fleeing from accountability and possible prosecution.”

While raising alarm that the ruling party was being subtly turned to a sanctuary by PDP members that are running from the long arm of the law, Ajulo said, “let no one be deceived by this trend of defections; it is nothing but a desperate measure enacted by corrupt politicians to evade prosecutions for crimes committed.”

Meanwhile, former Senate leader and other chieftains in Cross River state are expected to officially announce their defection to the APC soon.