‘S.eX Makes Me Cool And Relaxed,’ Nollywood Actress Confesses [18+ Only]


A fast rising Nollywood actress and producer, Tamilore Martins Ojo has confessed enjoying s*x with her man as it makes her relaxed and cool.

‘I love s*x because it makes me feel cool and relaxed. I could as well relax without having s*x, but s*x cools the mind,’ she said.

The actress, who is based in Ibadan, Nigeria spoke more on her take on s*x and why she won’t shy away from enjoying it with only her man.


In her words, ‘s*x is a normal thing between two adults, and it’s biblical that we should be having it with our loved ones before we have babies. s*x to me is a thing I do with someone I love and not like, and it’s something I love doing, because I know I’m very good at it.’

Continuing, she said, ‘I’m not someone that will shy away from reality, so I will tell you my mind. I can say that I’m perfect in love making, but don’t forget I said I love doing it with someone I love. s*x is spiritual. As long as my partner wants it, I give it to him.

‘What drives me crazy in the process depends on the way my man handles me. Honestly, what turns me crazy is the way my man responds to s*x,’ she reeled out.

Tamilore is currently on the set of another of her self produced movie entitled Aida.

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