Documents Reveal Real Salaries And Allowances Of Nigerian Senators/House Of Reps Members

The National Institute of Legislative Studies (NILS) released a set of documents showing what constitutes the earnings of 109 senators and 360 members of the House of Representatives. The documents were obtained by Vanguard in Abuja on Friday, October 9. 


The institute published some international figures, taking eight foreign countries for the study. It also gave a breakdown structure of a Nigerian lawmaker’s monthly earnings.

Below are ten crucial findings and conclusions:

1. The annual basic salary of a Nigerian senator is N2,026,400.00.

2. Allowances that are granted to senators increase their annual personal earnings to N12,902,360.00.

3. The federal government shall spend N1,406,357,240.00 on basic salaries for 109 senators in four years.

4. The annual basic salary of a Nigerian House of Reps member is N1,985,212.50.

5. The federal government shall spend N3,428,994,780.00 on basic salaries for 360 members of the House of Representatives in 2015-2019.

6. A House of Reps member takes home a bouquet of allowances equal to N9,525,985.50 annually.

7. Breakdown of the allowances:

– vehicle fuelling / maintenance; constituency; domestic staff; personal assistant; entertainment; recess; utilities; newspaper / periodicals, houses maintenance; wardrobe; estacode; duty tour; special amount on accommodation, vehicle loan, furniture, and severance allowance, N24,090,000.00 per Senator for a four-year period; N23,822,000.00 per House of Reps member for a four-year period.

8. For every four-year tenure which a lawmaker stays in the NASS, the government spends N2,625,810,000.00 on accommodation, vehicle loans, furniture and severance gratuity for all the senators.

9. The 360 House of Reps members require N8,575,920,000.00 during four years.

10. International lawmakers and their annual earnings, according to the NILS report:

–  Philippines – $4,497,957;

– USA – $3,409,422 (senator) / $1,429,909 (House of Reps member);

– Kenya – $968,013;

– UK – $757,567 (£494,285.43);

– Australia – $646,230;

– India – $474,484;

– Singapore – $253,469;

– Tanzania – $230,961.

The new report and the formal disclosure are aimed at settling the controversy that the Nigerian lawmakers are among the highest-paid in the world.

The federal government used to spend a total of N150 billion per year on the NASS. However, the eights senate heard the voices of Nigerians and slashed the budget to N120 billion for this year.