Scientists Discover The Perfect Penis Size Women Prefer

A study recently conducted by academic researchers probably revealed the perfect penis size women all around the world prefer.

The scientists used 3D-printed 100 plastic erect penis models and asked 75 female participants to choose two penises – one they would prefer for lasting relationships and another for one night stands. And the results were rather surprising!


16cm long with a 12,2cm circumference is the perfect size for a longterm partner!

On average, participants considered 16cm long with a 12,2cm circumference to be the perfect size for a longterm partner. A one night stand, on the other hand, was considered ideal at 16,3cm long, with a 12,7cm circumference.

Dr. Nicole Prause, sexual psychophysiologist and the leading researcher of the study conducted by the team of University of California Los Angeles and University of New Mexico scientists commented on the experiment saying: “Women may prefer different sizes for different reasons at different times, so chances are very good any guy is someone’s ideal for the relationship type they are seeking.”