Security Man Shoots Girlfriend To Death Over Bride Price

A security man identified as Uche, is in the police net for shooting his girlfriend to death over the refusal of her family to give him the baby the woman had for him because he could not pay the bride price demanded from him before he could take the woman and his baby.

The incident happened in Onitsha, Anambra State where the furious man, a former vigilante officer, went to the lady’s family to demand for his baby but was told he could only have custody of the new born when he does the right thing.

According to the report, the lady’s parents refused to give him the baby because he had not paid their daughter’s bride price, even threatening to hand him over to the police for getting their daughter pregnant without paying her bride price.

This was said to have angered Uche so much that he threatened to kill the lady but no one took him serious.

He reportedly went to the girl’s family home and wanted to take the baby by force but the girl did not allow him.

At first, he allegedly collected all her clothes and that of the baby and burnt them before leaving the house but not satisfied with that, he returned two days later and asked her to come for discussion.

As they were heading towards the gate of the compound, he reportedly brought out a gun and shot her in the chest, after which he fled but was apprehended by neighbours and handed over to the police.

The DPO of Central Police Station, Onitsha, Isa Abubkar, said the suspect had been arrested and would soon be charged to court after investigations.

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