“See How The “ORO” Festival Almost Took My Life”

An individual submitted thus:

“I am writing this on a very sad note… sad angry angry angry

I was in the village this past weekend to spend few days with my extended family and to my utmost surprise, I was informed that there is an existing “oro festival” going on, and that I must make it indoors by 4pm to say the least.

Coincidentally, I got to the village by 4:35pm all looking empty and deserted like a grave yard. Out of intuition, I decided to start looking ahead of me before I walk down any path.

Three paths away from my Father’s House, I discovered the procession was just ahead of me, I ran for my dear life. Three things happened to me while I was running for my dear life:
1. I misplaced my phone, a massive Tecno Phantom 5 cry cry
2. I misplaced my wallet
3. I had to forgo my luggaes which they now have in their possession ( Luckily, I had ONLY new wears I’ve not even tested in it).

Now, here’s my grouse with this evil, barbaric, satanic and extinct act: After loosing my phone which I had used to take beautiful pictures because of its picture quality and suave, my games are also gone, Is this ORO of a thing supposed to be continued in this time and age?

My money is also gone! I will so miss my phone because of its become my perfect companion
cry cry cry

PS: For the non-Yorubas who don’t know what an oro festival is, it is basically a festival celebrated in Yoruba lands either after the death of an Oba or a special atonement is to be made in the land and it involves sacrificing Humans!”