See what Lagos is supposed to look like in 2050

It is interesting to know that the sci-fi world is starting to notice Lagos; the large and industrious city got mentioned in the movie Captain America. If you have seen the movie, then you would know that a lot of action went on in the fictional city that was created in the movie.

This made the hashtag #CaptainamericaInNigeria trend on social medias. Olalekan Jeyifous, a Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist, has recreated this major city in Nigeria with his artistic waves of imaginations in a series dubbed ‘Shanty Megastructures’. Jeyifous, an architect turned artist has been able to show through these pictures what Lagos would look like in 2050.

According to his creations, the city’s luxury real estate areas would be replaced by tin shacks. Although he used a series of digital software to create his 3D visuals that were later transformed to photographs, it was to represent the country’s marginalized poor according to him. Find below the pictures of the new Lagos he created:

1. A tin shack city

This is incredible.

2. Amazing

Good thing our yellow cabs are in view. 3. This looks real

This is a great work. The picture has life in it.

4. Is this some sort of marine pollution?

This looks like some slum. We are definitely not managing our natural resources well.

5. Our real estates have been replaced by this

This is definitely the work of a genius.

6. Astonishing…

Lagos 2050 is here already.

7. Good thing people can walk

This is no doubt a great job. Transforming 3D pictures to photographs is great

. 8. This is reassuring

The overview is still great after all.

9. We are going back to agriculture

We had better embrace this future now and explore our potentials in farming.