SEE What Model From Delta State Did Destroying Her Career And Causing Much Controversy

A model from Delta state did something much unexpected from a woman of her profession, putting her modeling career to an end and causing much controversy on social media.

Aisha, an ex-model from Delta state, formerly known as Joy, converted to Islam from Christianity at Sultan Bello mosque in Kaduna. Her decision, which has put an end to her career in modelling, has unexpectedly caused much controversy on social media. Aisha’s reasons for converting to Islam are mentioned in the following video on YouTube.

Comments on social media about her decision vary from praising to hating ones.

As you can see when Aisha converted to Islam, she was not stoned neither was she killed, but in most cases when an individual converts from Islam to Christianity, killings and stoning to death is what mostly follow suit. I can give you numerous examples if you want. the only part of this country where they rarely do that is in the South West (Yoruba Muslims) of which the Northern Muslims often refers to them as not true Muslims,”– commented Aisha’s conversion to Islam Oluwa Femi.

It’s easy, look very well, and wait and see, the real reason will be known soon, she wants a rich Muslim politician from the North, why [she converted in] Kaduna? Why not [in] a small town when nobody will notice, if [it] is real? Don’t be fooled, all these rich Hausa politician Muslims are the attraction [for her], not Islam,” – told Oke-Aare Aina from Ibadan, now residing in Lagos.

Even though I know with 100% certainty, that she was never a Christian, but I’m happy that you felt it was OK to post this and also to share. My question is, if a Muslim converts to Christianity what will be your reaction? Just asking but I know…. Fatwa (I hope that’s the word), a death sentence will be placed on her. What a religion of hate, hypocrisy and violence! Yet you say it’s a religion of ‘peace’ indeed. Folks open your eyes and minds to TRUTH. We live in a civilized world where everyone should have the choice to religion without any iota of cohesion, intimidation or threats. Life is about choice. Even God has never forced anyone to serve him. The only one known with this character is Satan. ”- posted his opinion Rudolf Ogh’ruro Smith from Abuja.

I want to ask why so much ado when people convert to Islam? But on the reverse, we only hear about people who get killed and called apostates because they left Islam. <…> How can a model claim to be a true Christian? Ordinarily, models, especially in Nigeria, are professional prostitutes… Her conversion does not move me a bit. It is her right, but will Islam allow that in their own case? NO.” – told Chidy Mark.

Eight months ago the director of Catholic Social Communication of Maiduguri Diocese, Rev. Gideon Obasogie, said that 185 churches in the diocese were torched and 190, 545 people displaced after Boko Haram insurgents captured 11 towns in Borno and Adamawa states.

Six months ago Al-Shabab gunmen attacked a quarry at Mandera town in North Kenya and killed 36 non-Muslim workers.

Two months ago twelve Nigerian and Ghanaian migrants were thrown overboard in Mediterranean following a fight concerning their Christian religion.

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