“See What The 22-Year-Old Man Who Had Sex With 42 Women Used To Catch His Victims”

Information gathered by Ghana’s DAILY GUIDE indicates that Daniel Ofosu aka Junior, 22, who allegedly filmed his sexual encounters with some 42 women in Ghana and circulated them for a fee of GHC5.00. was using a charm he collected from Dahomey called “Adani” to lure the ladies.
A family member, who spoke to DAILY GUIDE on condition of anonymity, said the suspect used a charm necklace to hypnotize the ladies who then followed him to his house for the sexual act
According to the source, Daniel, a paint seller, was a mortuary attendant and that during the days he was working, went to Dahomey to collect “Adani,” (the juju) meaning “Do as I Command” in the local language for his evil in form of a necklace
“I saw it and warned him to stop using the charm to influence ladies, because it is a sin. I even went to report him to our pastor, who asked him to stop doing that, but he got angry and stopped attending church”
the source articulated.

“You can clearly see that the ladies initially decline to have sex with him but with the use of the charm, they are hypnotized and yield to his demand,” the source indicated.


Daniel uses his laptop webcam to capture the ladies when in the act without their knowledge, however the laptop became faulty and he sent it to an intimate friend of his – Issiw – for repairs. Daniel reportedly lodged a complaint with the police after Issiw had failed to return his device to him and the latter was arrested.
Issiw, who had already had access to the ‘porn tapes’ leaked the videos as payback, after he was released from the police cells.
Aside the numerous married women, eight of them have been identified as members of the Calvary Worship Center (formerly Royal) at Asokore and its other branch at Oyoko, a neighboring town, whilst the rest included senior high school students from Oyoko and the Presbyterian Training College among others.