SHAMED: See Drunk Police Officer Spoted In Ibadan

Drunk Police Man

Yesterday, a police man was spotted in Ibadan in a manner not expected of a uniformed man.

According to a witness, the Police man was drunk and could not control himself. Explaining the incident, the witness said:

”This is an example of the disgrace that parade himself as a police officer. The time is 12:00 and he was so drunk that he fell inside that dirty gutter. This happened along old Ife road in Ibadan. To make matters worse, he is a traffic officer that was attached to Onipepeye Junction. I hope something can be done about this.”

Recently, two policemen were spotted beating up a driver.

Just few months ago, a police officer in Lagos, identified as Aurthur Okeke, with ID. No.453255 assaulted a heavily pregnant woman.

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