SHOCKING: Read What Happened To Houseboy While Peeping At Madam Bathing

A domestic worker, Ubong Etu Nbomang, has injured his spinal cord while peeping at his female boss while she was having her bath.

The Punch reports that a 26-year-old man was hospitalized at the federal medical centre in Asaba, Delta state, after falling and breaking his spine.

The houseboy reportedly made holes around the bathroom door, through which he peeped at his boss while she was having a shower.

On the fateful day, Nbomang climbed on a platform to have a view of his boss who is an attractive woman in her 30s. That time a female friend of Nbomang’s boss came into the house and met nobody in the sitting room. On hearing the sound of dropping water, she approached her friend’s bathroom and found the young man peeping and holdingpee his private organ.

The boss’s friend, who spoke to a correspondent after the incident, said that she shouted at the man: “Nbomang, are you peeping at your madam?”
On hearing the visitor’s voice, Nbomang jumped off where he was and slipped on the wet floor.

The unsuspecting boss was said to have rushed out of the bathroom half-naked.

“I said to her: ‘So, you are not aware he has been here watching you as you were busy having your bath? I met him peeping, after asking for who was in the house without any response. I have been here for more than 15 minutes now without him knowing,” the boss’s friend said.

While she was talking to her friend, Nbomang was twisting with pain and begging his boss to forgive him and take him to hospital.

“Out of pity, the madam called her driver to take Nbomang to a hospital, while she later joined them at the hospital,”  the friend added.

Speaking about the incident, the boss, who pleaded for anonymity, revealed that she was going to fire the houseboy.

“Before now, I used to see him looking at me but I didn’t think otherwise because I saw it as nothing. It was when he was confessing that I got to know that he was the one that bore tiny holes on my door, which until this incident I never knew of,” she said.

Meanwhile, authorities of the hospital said that Nbomang’s  injury could be treated.

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