Shocking: Read what happened to women who borrow babies for alms begging in Lagos

–  Women caught for using babies to beg for alms

–  The culprits confessed to not being biological parents of children

–  Biological mothers give out children on monetary agreement

The monitoring team of the Lagos state ministry of youth and social development has rescued three infants and apprehended two women for using babies who are less than a month old for alms begging in Oyingbo area of the state. The ministry’s spokesperson, Kemi Ikotun-Adepitan in a signed statement, informed that the arrested women include, Hadiza Nosiru and Salamotu Salisu who told the monitoring team that they were both natives of Jigawa state.

According to Daily Trust, the ministry however, said its investigation revealed that the women were not the biological mothers of the kids they were using for begging. The statement read in part: “Preliminary investigation conducted ‎by the Lagos state ministry of youth and social development has revealed that the babies were given out to them by their parents who get paid every day on each baby.

“One of the biological mothers of the infants paraded at Alausa Ikeja on Thursday alongside the three infants identified herself as Tawa Aregbesola from Ibadan and confessed that she had an agreement with one of the impersonating mothers to take her baby for alms begging between 5pm and 7pm daily on the condition that between N1000  and N1500 would be given to her on return “The commissioner expressed disappointment at the practice of using new-born babies for begging and vowed that the arrested women would be prosecuted.”

Only on Wednesday, July 27, jungle justice was meted out on an unidentified young man who was accused of stealing a three-month-old child from a home in a busy town of Gboko, Benue state. It was further reported that the young man allegedly stole a three month old baby from a house at Bristow round-about in the afternoon.

The source disclosed: “We just heard the baby’s mother screaming ‘thief, thief’ and we came out only to see the boy running with the baby. Some boys in the area collected the baby and started beating him while the others were looking for tyre and calling more people to come out. He was begging and crying but the other boys did not listen.”