Show Respect To Jonathan – Ex-ministers Call Buhari To Order

Ministers, who served under former President Goodluck Jonathan, have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to stop unwarranted attacks on the former president.


In a joint statement released in Abuja on Sunday, August 30, by Abubakar Suleiman, former Minister of National Planning, the ex-ministers told Buhari to show respect to Jonathan in his actions and utterances as a former president of Nigeria, who paved the way for his emergence, Premium Times reports.

They explained that Jonathan’s administration did not encourage corruption but fought it vigorously.

The former ministers listed some of Jonathan’s anti-corruption successes to include the stop in billions of naira stolen under the subsidised government fertiliser scheme, the development of the Government Integrated Financial Management Platform, the Single Treasury Account (TSA), and the Integrated Personnel, Payroll Management Systems (IPPIS) and mechanisms put in place to check the theft of Nigeria’s crude oil.

They called on Buhari to give Jonathan’s administration due credit, saying the improvements that were currently noticed in the power sector, national security, social services and other sectors were results of the foundations laid by the last administration.

It was also the Jonathan administration that mobilized and secured the support of our neighbouring countries to ensure a robust multinational response to the menace of terrorism and insurgency, resulting in notable advancements in the fight against terror. President Jonathan personally initiated the collaboration that led to these advancements and ensured that Nigeria provided the needed financial support for the Multinational Joint Task Force.

“It should also not be forgotten that the Jonathan administration strengthened electoral institutions and created a peaceful environment for democracy to thrive. On this score, it is sad and ironic that the chief beneficiaries of that same legacy are the most vociferous today in condemning President Jonathan and his team.

“Perhaps the new administration and the APC would be sincere enough to publish the details of the hand over notes they received.

“In addition, the Buhari administration should be fair enough to acknowledge the good works of the Jonathan administration. No administration can be either completely bad or completely good.

“President Jonathan’s achievements in moving this country to greater heights deserve to be duly acknowledged. We urge President Muhammadu Buhari to build on these achievements,” the statement read in part.

The former ministers, who said they were not afraid of being probed stated that Buhari’s anti-corruption war must be in strict accordance with his oath of office to treat all Nigerians equally and not as a political witch-hunt.

They urged all those attacking members of the Jonathan administration to stop, saying: “We have reserved our comment until now, in the fervent hope that once the euphoria that may have inspired the various attacks on the past administration wears off, reason will prevail. But we are constrained to speak up in defence of the legacy of the Jonathan administration, and shall do so again, for as long as those who are determined to rubbish that legacy, are unrelenting in their usual deployment of blackmail, persecution, and similar tactics.”

The APC recently provided more cases of alleged public funds looting by some officials of the Jonathan-led administration, saying until the corruption mess created by the past government was cleaned up, Nigeria would not be able to fulfill its potential.

The PDP had earlier alleged that the Nigerian economy was in shambles since the Buhari came into power.