PICTURED: Six Robbers Rape Woman Inside Canoe

A gang of armed robbers which specializes in attacking travelers on the waterways have been nabbed by the police.

It was gathered that six of the suspects were arrested following a report by a woman that the gang attacked and raped while she was travelling in a canoe at the Lamgbasa area of Lagos state on September 20.

The woman who requested anonymity said: “I was going home in a canoe that fateful day but unknown to me, the canoe I entered belonged to a gang of robbers. Half way into the trip, the men told me to cooperate with them and they brought out dangerous weapons and threatened to kill me. 

“They collected all my money, handset and other valuables. I was begging them not to kill me but they told me to cooperate with them or they will throw me into the water. I was scared and held on to the canoe. That was how they grabbed and pulled my clothes. They took turns and raped me.

“When we got to the shore, they threatened to kill me if I shouted for help. They left me in pains and they zoomed off in their canoe. I reported the case to the police and I was informed that they were arrested.”

Lagos state commissioner of police Mr. Fatia Owoseni confirmed the arrest of the six suspects.

He said: “The suspects were arrested after the woman summoned courage and reported them to the police.

“Six of them were apprehended and the police recovered ninety three assorted telephones from the gang, face masks and two laptops. I want to use this medium to advise fun seekers to be careful and cautious of persons who want to help them. The police are on the trail of other suspects and they will be arrested soon and charged to court.”