Some Nigerians Nominate For Buhari’s Cabinet (See The Names Mentioned)


There is no denial of the fact that the 2015 general elections marks the first time Nigerian when citizens can boldly claim that they participated in the process of choosing a President for the country.

There may be slight disagreements, but the general definition of ‘Democracy’ has always been the government of the people, by the people and for the people, which means citizens can choose who govern them.

However, the result of the last general elections, of course produced the desired leaders for the people despite some itches at different points.
To this extent, Nigerians are most likely tired of being backseat drivers in the affairs of the country especially when the same set of old folks stir the anchor of the county’s ship.

Nigerians do not even know if it is the country’s ship that is growing rickety or the sea that is turbulent, what has been glaring is that the ship is not sailing stably.

Thus, TheNation recently asked a question from members of the Nigerian social media community to represent the view of the people on

Kindly find the question below:

What do you think about their suggestions?

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