EVIL: 15-yr-Old Boy Brutally Beaten, Pushed Off A 3-Storey Building By Step Mom In Lagos [DOWNLOAD VIDEO]

A step mother, Mary, yesterday pushed her 15-year-old Step son AbdulRahman Musa off the window of their house in Oluwole Estate, Ogba, Lagos.


The family lives on the 3rd floor of the low cost housing estate.

PorscheClassy gathered that, 15-year-old Rahman was brutally battered by his step mom before she eventually pushed him off the window of their apartment.

A resident, Mr Mathew told PorscheClassy that Mary didn’t commit the crime alone, in his words he said ‘She and her kids were the ones hitting the boys hands even when he was holding on to the window until they succeeded in pushing the poor boy down’

Another resident of the estate who spoke with PorscheClassy said “The woman is just a witch, she’s so wicked. You won’t believe that that boy eats close to nothing daily, when he finished primary school, this woman stopped him from going to secondary school. She just hate the boy, she would make Rahman fetch water into every object that can take water in the house and even to the small cups”.

“She beats the boy at will to satisfy herself just for no reason, she needs to face judgment”, she said.

The case has been reported at Area G Police Station, Ogba and would possibly be transfered to the state CID today at Panti, Lagos.

The 15-year-old boy luckily landed unhurt, he has seen been released to his Uncle after the case was reported at the police station.