Tears as Service Of Songs is Held For Murdered RCCG Evangelist, Eunice Olawale (Photos)

The service of song for the slain evangelist of the Redeem Christian Church of God held on Friday, July 22. The atmosphere was cold, even as people wept their hearts for the murdered pastor’s wife.

Mrs Eunice Olawale met with an untimely death on Saturday, July 9.

Below are some photos that tell the sad story and the situation at the service of song for the 42-year old mother of 7 who was hacked down by suspected extremists.

Distraught husband Olawale Elisha tried to recall all the details of that fateful day when his wife was hacked to death.

Mr olawale said:

“It was about 6: 30 to 7am. I was in bed, but I had woken up, from sleep. My children approached me and said that some footballers were discussing about a woman who was killed while she was preaching.”

He immediately rushed to his phone and began calling his wife but her phone was switched off.

“We (Olawale and his daughter) strolled down to the place, about two or three hundred meters away from our house and we saw people gathered. We passed through the place where she had been murdered, but we did not know.

We came back again and saw a police man. The officer confirmed what we had been told but said we should go to the Phase 4 police station. At that time, my daughter whose name is Jessica was already crying, but I tried to cheer her up and told her that the murdered preacher could not have been my wife.

As we were entering the station gate, we saw a police van coming out of the station. My daughter looked back and saw something at the back of the police van and suddenly she cried.

I then turned back and saw that part of my wife’s body was covered; from the chest upward. So we began to cry, I even fell and they carried me into the station,” Mr Olawale narrated.