The Married Single [A Story] – Part 12

During this period too, there were so many beautiful events that happened, she had already know all my family members and everybody knows her as my girlfriend. It was also during this peeiod that her senior brother celebrated his 40th birthday, the party afford me the opportunity to meet every members of her family cos it was a in house party.. I had a little chat with her two brothers who told me they have heard so much about me and they love the way things are going between us, we shoukd focus on our education, try and finish in flying colours and we can then decide to settle down finally. ….in his word “if you guys want to settle down immediately after u graduate, so be it, we will support u guys but u need to focus on your studies and take things one step at a time”….I thank them and appreciated all their advices. We exchanged phone numbers.

Another thing of interest was that I met one of shade’s cousin (yomi) at the party who had keen interest in our relationship, he do call sometimes when we are together and shade was the first to introduce him to me as yomi that always call her whenever we are together. we chatted about so many things and also exchange phone number….the guy was just begging me not to break her sisters heart as he cherished her so much.

School resumed back and our relationship was almost three years, people have already noticed our relationship, people do jealous our relationship as we come to school together and go back together most times but that doesnt mean we choke each other as I allow her to do whatever she likes and I trusted shade with anything, we dont listen to gossips or hearsay from people nor allow third party into our midst. There were so many temptations from girls through my friends but since I decided shade was the one I wanted, the thought of side chick never crossed my mind.

Even though all my friends are players and the least of them had two girlfriends who knows each other. To those babes, life is a competition. I abandoned my house for my cousin since me and shade started living together though I do go home maybe once in a week but doesnt sleep at home except if shade will sleep with me. Shade fall sick during our second semester exam, so many symptoms was coming up, shade was seriously weak and it was when my guys came to visit me that I had a discussion with kay…..

Kay:guy wetyn u dey do to shade’s sickness now……
Me:we have been using anti malaria drugs
Kay:anti malaria ke? Oga this is not malaria oooo
Me:ehn ehn……
Kay:with wat am seeing, this babe is pregnant
Me shocked)…..pregnant ke?
Kay:yes……u can go and buy pt strip at the pharmacy to test but am very sure its pregnancy….

I started shaking the moment I heard it was pregnancy, I started thinking of so many things,
my mum, her disappointment if she find out, my uncle, embarrassment in school. …I bought the pt strip and we did the test the following morning and alas it was positive….we went to hospital later in the day and it was confirmed that shade was four weeks gone.


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