The Married Single [A Story] – Part 14

there were lot of strike after our 200level and
by the time we resumed to 300level our
relationship was four years already and we were
counting towards our 5th year. If a soothsayer
had told me I will spend 5years for a four year
course b4 gaining admission, I will deny it but
who am I to query our education system. So
many temptations continue as I became more
popular in my faculty, tutorials for my faculty
mate and those below me was order of the day,
have also grown to become someone people
looks towards in my department in terms of
academics and I was able to grow my GPA to
3.90 and it was still a dream to graduate with a
first class if possible or the worst will be not to
graduate with anytyn less than 4.0.

So many things had happened during my
university sojourn, I have my goons which our
loyalty to each other can not be questioned. We
cherished our relationship before our girlfriends
but my case has been exceptional as shade
comes before any other person. Our tentacles
was not in our faculty alone but all through the
school, we are known in every faculty in the
school, thanks to some of them participation in
student union activities. So many people we
entered together had dropped out some due to
result while some others were rusticated due to
exam malpractice. Need to say here that one of
the policy of the school was once u are caught
for exam malpractice either as a macinery or
cheating, you will be rusticated, we do most
times joke about the seven years imprisonment
which was stipulated in the criminal act of
nigeria for exam malpractice. That didnt stop
me from writing exams for my friend whenever
any of them had carry over most especially in a
course that involves calculations.

My relationship with shade was as lively as
anything u will imagine, she sacrifice alot for me
in terms of taking care of me and my well
being, I celebrated her birthday every year with
a light party in her hostel with friend coming to
celebrate with us even though have never
celebrated mine for once. Aside from what she
get at home, she also get weekly allowance
from me couple with the fact that we always
change our phones every january of each year
to the latest reigning fone, thanks to my
working in computer village which gave me
access to latest phones with prices lower than
the normal market price.

Family and friends were happy about our
relationship and they were already planning for
us that we should atleast do our introduction
formally before going for service even though
our families have known each other informally
already. Yomi her cousin always envy our
relationship and gave word of encouragement
anytym we talk on fone or we coincidentally
meet in shade’s house.

Something terible happened during our second
semester exams in 300level, due to what
happened in the previous exam
(pregnancy)…she had like 3 carry over one of
which was a calculation course. She registered
for them and we were having discussion a day
to the exam

Me:baby, have been calling u since to let us go
through this course but ur body language is
Shade:I just dont want to stress myself, u no
am not good in this thing jare….even those
ones I passed, na by God’s grace and ur help
Me:then we have to do this together cos u cant
carry it over again…I want us to be clean by the
time we are in 400level
Shade:I understand baby, but u no what?
Me:whats that?
Shade:you can help me with the exam
tomorrow now……..
Me:help u? How?
Shade:you have always been helping your
friends to write their carry over exams so, notyn
stop u from helping me too…
Me:this is different, u no am in the same
department with my friends and I can claim to
my lecturer even if they ask me that I have a
carry over since its a faculty course unlike
crossing over to your own department. ….
Shade:baby, pls I no you can do it…
Me:no ooo….ohk, maybe we should find
someone in your department to write 4u and
pay the person
Shade:no baby, you want to bring shame and
embarrassment to me moreover, scoring 5 is
sure with you…
Me:baby, have never rejected any request from
u before bt this one might be hard cos what if
they caught me
Shade:you have never been caught before baby
and it wont be mine.



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