The Married Single [A Story] – Part 15

After so much persuation I agreed to go and
write the exam for her. It was 8am paper and I
was to have a paper also by 2pm dat day. Early
in the morning, I called one of my friend that I
will be coming to meet him in his own hostel
that he should come and escort me to school as
I want to go and write exam for shade. What
are friends for as he followed me cos that will
even afford us opportunity to do some revision
before our 2pm paper.
We entered school, my friend was waiting
directly opposite the exam hall, as shade’s
course mate that came for the same carry over,
they started asking questions of who I came to
write exam for and they pleaded that we should
sit together forming a circle. Even the regular
student were calling me to come and sit with
them. I finally settled at the carry over side and
we formed a team of like four tables and I was
supplying answers. So many concentration on
me but the lecturers invigilating were new in
the department so, they dont even know
300level student. They kept threatening that
they will take me out of their midst but with
enough pleading, they allowed us to continue,
moreover they are new in the system and they
dont know who is who.
We were almost an hour into the exam when
the HOD of the department walked in, we didnt
know he has been watching us from outside for
over five minutes, he walk towards my side


Hod:young man, which level are u?
Me:300level sir
Hod:are u sure?
Me:yes (though I knew him to be a guy man
but another thing I dont know was that he
knows everybody in 300level cos they are not
Hod smiled)……whats your name
Me:abayomi adewale sir (name of a guy in that
Hod:stand up…..
(never knew abayomi was in his office before he
came to the hall)……he held me by the hand
and started moving me outside but thank God
have not written any name or matric number
on my answer booklet…..he started taking me
outside and I noticed my friend was already
running outside before us. The moment I spped
out of the hall and a security walked by ourside,
everybody in thd faculty started looking at us
and people started rushing outside after us….I
saw my friend discussing with one of the school
security guy as we walked to them, all eyes was
on me……
Hod:he came in to write for Someone. ..
Security:ohk sir….
Hod:gimme feedback as I have interest in the
Security:ohk sir…….
Mr bayo:snakie, na u sef……why did u have to
go and write exam for someone
Me:u just have to help me mr bayo. (mr bayo
was one of the security guy who was very nice
to me and my friends, we do sit down and talk
most times and settle him in cash)
Mr bayo:enter the car before the CSO come
As I decided to enter the car, the CSO drove to
where we are…..the cso was a no nonsense
man and he doesnt have good relationship with
student at all
Cso:they have caught this one again….is he a
student or outsider
Mr bayo:a student sir, he came to write for
Cso:datz good, have u collected his id card?
Mr bayo:he doesnt have anyone on him…….
The cso moved towards me and gave me two
dirty slap, I started crying immediately as I look
towards where shade and my friend was
Cso:handcuff him, take his details and take him
to panti then report back to me
immediately. ….
Mr bayo and the other security guy:ohk sir…..
They hadcuffed me, bundled me into the boot
of their tinted wagon as we started the journey
to lagos state police criminal investigation
department (panti) in yaba.


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