The Married Single [A Story] – Part 16

We started perambulating all around the school
and I was pleading with Mr bayo to help me

Mr Bayo: Why u sef go do that knid thing, don’t
you know its dangerous…..
Me:I don’t just know..i just say lemme risk it
Mr Bayo: And CSO has seen you already, lets
assume he hasn’t seen you, it would have been
another thing entirely
Security Guy:So, wetyn we go do now Bayo?
Mr Bayo: I don’t even know sincerely…am as
cobfuse as you and this guy already said we
should go and drop him at panti
Security Guy: when them dey tell una, una no
go book dem say make una come
read for school na another thing una go come
dey do……………

Mr Bayo: I tire for them…e for no b u at all
snakie…Abeg remove the handcuff on him first
and let him seat at the back seat..
The handcuff was removed and I was asked to
sit at the back seat..the glass of the wagon was
tinted and nobody could see who was inside, it
was almost after 11 and they were still moving
me around up and down..we were on the road
when we mistakingly ran into the CSO..

CSO: Whats this guy still doing in the car? I
thought I asked u guys to move him to Panti
Mr bayo: Yes Sir, we were checking all other
faculty sir so that we can do everything once
and for all if we have any other culprit..
CSO:no need to wait for anyone..just take him
there and come and write your report when you
are back….

Mr Bayo:Ohk sir…..

We stepped out of the school premises
immediately and my heart started beating fast,I
was already crying, thinking of so many things
with so many questions begging for answers…Is
this the end? What will I tell them at home? Is
this how am going to end my university
sojourn? How will people feel about me? Will I go
to prison? What will happen in panti?…so many
questions begging for answers.

I was receiving so many calls from my friends
on our way going to panti asking me where I
was and I was giving them feedback….we
arrived at panti around to one and I was asked
to come down, we met one of the senior officers
outside, he started exchanging pleasantries
with Mr bayo and other security officers when
Mr bayo phone started ringing..He picked

Mr bayo: (on phone)…We are there Sir, Not yet
Sir, ehn ehn……right away Sir
Security Guy: Who was that?
Mr bayo: The CSO…..
Security Guy:Wetyn hin dey talk……
Mr bayo: he said we should be coming with him
right away………….
Security Guy: Ehn..ehn…lets go then

I felt relieved as I was asked to enter the car
back and we started our journey back to school,
we were all surprised at what was happening,
we didn’t know the way forward neither do we
know why the CSO asked them to bring me
back….we got to school around to three in the
afternoon and headed straight to the CSO’s
office, I met all my friend in his office, shade
was even nowhere to be found…….

CSO: Tunde, tell your friend not to do like that
again oooooo……
Tunde: it wont happen Sir..we promise

He started talking about so many things and
advising us, we later told him that our exam
had paper for 2pm and we guess they would
have started already, he should allow us go and
we will come and see him later….My friends
decided it wont be ideal for us to go without
giving him and his boys something even if its
just for small enjoyment…..I had only 2k with
me and I dropped everything to them, they
started contributing among each other and
within 5mins, boys generated 20k among
themselves and hand it over to Mr bayo.

CSO: tuned, say me well to daddy, tell him I will
call later in the evening after work
Tunde: Ohk Sir
CSO:You guys should also try and see the
lecturer later in the day
Tunde: Ohk Sir….

We all left, it was gist and yabbing all the way
as we were going to the exam hall. How I
escaped was that Tunde’s father was the one
that called the CSO and pleaded on my behalf.
His dad was the one that helped the CSO
secured the security job in our school due to
Tunde’s recommendation of him when he was
out of military service, it was like a good turns
deserve another.

We entered the exam hall around 3pm and all
eyes was on us..u can imagine 6-7 guys coming
into the exam hall an hour late, our lecturers
were just looking at us with pity..we formed
voltron and wrote the exam, I came outside and
met shade and bola together, her face had
swollen up from tears likewise Bola too…..Bola
hugged me and couldn’t hold back her
emotions…..we stayed till around 5pm before
we called the CSO who said we should come
and meet him at the staff club, we got there
and met the lecturer with the CSO drinking

They called me between their midst and we
started gisting and talking, we pleaded that he
should just forget about everytyn and at the
end of it, we declare for them with drinks,
pepper soup and assorted meat. We left school
around after seven, Bola couldn’t go home and
he had to stay with Shade while I decided to go
to my friends place.


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