The Married Single [A Story] – Part 18

I tried her number all through the week, it wasn’t going through neither did she come to school…I will call Yomi and his own number won’t go through too…..It was on the following Saturday that I got through to her

Me: whats happening shade, you left since that day and your number has not been going since
Shade: Am so sorry snakie (started crying)
Me: why are you crying…stop crying and talk to me
Shade: have offended you snakie, pls find a place in your heart to forgive me
Me:what did u do? U didn’t offend me now, we just need time to talk things through
Shade:Am very sorry snakie, have offended you
Me:what did u do?
Shade: *****Stammering******** Am pregnant
Me: Smiled….Pregnant? for who? How? When? What time?
Shade: ****crying***** am very sorry snakie
Me: Ohk…..Just stop crying, where exactly are you right now? Can we see and talk about this?Can we meet in the hostel later in the day

Shade: I hope there wont be problem?
Me:what kind of problem?
Shade:Are u sure?
Me:Definitely now..i promise..lets meet by 12 and talk about this please.
Shade:Ohk…I will meet you up in the hostel by 12pm
Me:No problem, I will call u b4 then to know your movement….

Is it true? What kind of joke is this? How will she be pregnant? Under my nose? For who?..not my shade, I trust her beyond that……but come to think of it, this is an expensive joke ooooo…..

Shade called me around quarter to twelve that she will be in the hostel in the next five minutes that I should meet her up there…I put on my cloth, told my friends that I want to pick something in my hostel..i got there and shade was already waiting at the entrance door, she had changed in my eyes…..I went downstairs and bought two malt for both of us and we sat down on bed for discussion…………

Me:so, what happened? Why that expensive joke now shade?
Shade: ***started crying******am not joking snakie
Me:then tell me it’s a lie
Shade: ***knelt down in front of me and started crying******Am very sorry snakie, I don’t know how it happened
Me: ****devastated, started trembling and still curious*****how did it happen? Who are you pregnant for? How old is the pregnancy?
Shade: Going to two month now………….
Me:what? Two month? (stood up)…………
Shade: That’s more reason why have been running away from you for the past two month cos I know have offended you and my mind has not been at peace……….

Me: Ohk..pls wait and stop crying..who got you pregnant and how did it happen?
Shade: pls am sorry baby….
Me:have heard u, am not angry and you are forgiven, Just tell me who got you pregnant
Shade:are u sure you are not angry?
Me:Yes baby…..who got you pregnant?
Shade: It was gbenga
Me: Gbenga? Which Gbenga?
Shade: the one that stays in my area. That I told you have been asking me out all this while
Me: so, how did it happen…………..

Shade: *****started crying heavily again*****I don’t just know, pls find a place in your heart to forgive me pls
Me:You are forgiven already but how did it happen…
Shade:U know during that mini strike that I went home to spend two weeks, he met me on
my street one day and we greeted, he now invited me to his house saying atleast if we are
not dating, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be friend…, I went to his place that faithful Saturday, he offered me malt and I drank then the next thing I remembered was that we were both totally Unclad on bed..i started crying and he begged me not to and that he was sorry…

Me:But during that time you visited home, there was no day we don’t talk atleast 3 times a day and I use to ask you so many questions but u never told me you met him not to talk of going to his house
Shade: Am very sorry, I was scared of your reaction
Me:ohk…did he know you are pregnant?
Shade:Yes, I told him when it was 3 weeks old………..
Me: Then why didn’t u go for the option of abortion if you love me and you still want to keep this relationship
Shade: He threatened me that notyn must happen to his baby

Me: and u decided to leave it?
Shade: am confuse and don’t know what to do
Me: That’s it now..cos when you got pregnant for me then, u were the one clamouring for abortion against my wish but this time around you are not ready cos I believe if u truly cherish our relationship you would have abort it without my knowledge and I wont even know anything about it..
Shade:Am confuse baby…pls forgive me
Me:Who have you talk to about the pregnancy

Shade:Nobody, except 3 of us…….
Me:So, what do u want to do?
Shade: I don’t know sincerely, but I will be
ready to abort it so far we can come back
together to the way we were
Me:is now u want to abort it?
Shade: Yes, the s*x was not my wish, He
drugged me……
Me:what did u go and do in his house in the
first place? And u didn’t tell me
Shade: *****held my legs with her two hands
and continue crying****** Am very sorry baby,
pls forgive me, I want to spend the rest of my
life with you, its you I want in my life, am very
sorry ifemi
Me:so, what do u want me to do
Shade: I want you baby, lemme abort the
pregnancy and we come back together, pls
cover me from embarrasment baby, pls cover
my shame, I beg of you baby…………….
After so much crying and silence in the room
for a while…………
Me: Ohk..No problem, have heard you, you
must get rid of the pregnancy before next
weekend and am not giving you one naira to do
this….you have to find a way to do it yourself
cos I don’t want to have a hard in abortion
Shade: thanks so much dear… I love you so
much baby…
Me: No problem dear..just wipe your tears
abeg..its ohk
I lifted her up as we hugged each other……………