The Married Single [A Story] – Part 19

I clean her face with my handkerchief and we started gisting normal again. After about five minutes, she decided to go to the rest room, she dropped her bag and phone on bed and stepped outside to the toilet, I picked up her phone…ordinarily, I don’t check ladies phone not to talk of someone am dating cos I believe in privacy in relationship but any time I pick a lady’s phone, the first place I always check has to be sent message first, I don’t check inbox, draft, outbox or pictures cos sent messages shows intent unlike inbox that someone can always claim that message came in mistakingly but on sent message, notyn like mistake cos you typed anything you sent out yourself.

I quickly scroll through her sent message and the fourth message I saw on her phone reads “do you think am a kid? Am I not old enough to know who got me pregnant? Oriyomi Adewale, you are responsible for my pregnancy and not snakie”…….I got mad instantly that I shouted WHAT!…she rushed inside and saw her phone in my hand and my mouth wide opened…she stood there for like a minute looking at me…

Me: What!, so it was yomi that got you pregnant shade? Yomi your cousin………….
I laid my hand on a coke bottle beside the shelve, broke it and drew her closer to me to scare her….she pushed me away instantly and I hit my head on the wall, blood started rushing out of my head………..


Shade: You want to kill me abi? Or what do you want to do? Fool, , i got pregnant for yomi and then? Whats the big deal there? (I just stood there and was looking at her as she continue ranting)
Shade: whats your stress with my life? You are mad, , so, if they started calling a husband you will also show face abi? I decide what I want in life and have decided its yomi so, whats your stress…fool…give me my phone..give me my phone jhoor…..i wanted to consider you before by aborting the pregnancy but not again. FOOL

****she started struggling the phone with me but I was still holding to it, by this time, our neighbour an elderly man was already at our door, knocking and asking us to open the door but she wouldn’t allow me to go, I couldn’t wrestle with her much as I don’t want complications……..i managed to open the door and the man was talking to her but she never acknowledged her, she was still dragging the phone with me then she mistakingly dig her hand into my back pocket, brought out some cash like 1,500 naira from it…she threw the money back at me

Shade: this money? Pls take your silly money….give me my phone now

*****phone that I bought for her with my hard earned money********

Daddy: Snakie, pls give her the phone pls
Me:Ohk Sir…..(I handed over the phone to her)
Shade: Old fool….shioor,
Daddy: for the past four years you have been staying in this house, You have been a model to most yound guys around and you guys have been good together, have never seen you talk or shout before, what could have warrant this snakie
Me:am so sorry sir, Shade got pregnant for a guy i assumed was her cousin for the last five years under my nose
Daddy: Tell me it’s a lie shade……..
Shade: And then, I got pregnant for another guy, what’s the big deal….its my choice
Daddy: WHAT! (daddy opened his mouth and couldn’t close it, he couldn’t utter a single word as he turned back and close the door behind)

Shade started reigning serious abusive languages on me as she started packing my things from the room and throwing them down through the balcony..all my clothes, books, personal things were fling away to the compound through the balcony..i quickly dash down and started packing them one after the other before I finished packing them, she had already lock the door with my key and stepped outside the the time I finished packing, she had gone.