The Married Single [A Story] – Part 20

I bought a bag, pack my things and I couldn’t go back to the hostel with all my luggage. I headed home but I decided to branch in their house with my bags, I met her sister at home and explained what happened to her

Sister: Its been more than 2 months I set my eyes on her, I thought you guys stay together and am surprise to hear all this….Yomi ke? Why yomi…………pls don’t be offended, I will try and call her to find out things cos I don’t understand all this, you people that we have been expecting that you should tie the knot latest by next year. I will call her and talk to our senior brother too.

Me: Ohk Ma…Thank You Ma.

I left her place and went home, I couldn’t hold back my tears when I got home, mumsy asked about what happened and I explained to her… she called shade but she didn’t pick her call……

Mumsy: My son, there is nothing new under the sun, what happened has need to forget about her, that’s her choice and u have your life to live. Is it not we ladies? You will still meet many of us in the future, some of us will even be begging you with their kitty catt…………..Look at you, you are a fine boy, you are complete as a human being, look around you, there are so many ladies flocking around, you will still go for NYSC, there are so many girls there, you will soon start work, you will have so many ladies to choose from your colleagues….Just forget about it jare, the most important thing is that, am proud of you, am proud of your result and am proud you graduated with your mate without any hitch….just stay focus and forget about her abeg.
Me:Thank You ma.

The following morning I called shade’s niece who was about 20yrs of age
Me: hello jane….good morning
Jane: good morning uncle snakie, longest tym….u dont even call nor visit us
Me:am sorry, it was exam and project
Jane:ohk oooo…next month is my birthday, hope u didnt 4get the phone you promise me ooo
Me:hw will I forget that now….u will definitely get it
Jane:thank u sir
Me:uwc, when was the last time you heard from yomi
Jane:its been long sir ooo
Me:I need him to do something for me but his number is not going
Jane:hey yah……
Me: lets I forget sef, hw is he related to you guys
Jane:as in related to our family?
Jane:we are not that related sha….
Me:ehn ehn…..
Jane:u no when we first built our house, they are the first set of people we met in this area, so our family became close before they moved to their own permanent house. Ever since then, we have been family friends and u can hardly know we are not related if we didnt tell u
Me: (am doomed) oh oh….but can I trust him to do business together
Jane:sure now..I can vouch 4 him
Me:thanks so much jane
Jane:uwc sir……..

Now my eyes is clear, so all my cousin my cousin for the past five years has been a deceit……my foolishness na first class.