The Married Single [A Story] – Part 25

Here comes the day, a beautiful Saturday
morning, shade do call me before that Saturday
but I don’t pick as I have nothing to discuss
with her again, all my expectations was for
Saturday to come and lemme hear her out. She
called around 1pm that she was at the bus
stop, I asked her to wait for me at the eatery
somewhere close to the bus stop…..i told my
friend I want to get something outside and will
be back shortly. I got to the restaurant,
everywhere was busy with people coming in
and out, she had already seated as I located her
where she was…

Shade: Good afternoon
Me: afternoon………
Shade: how have u been……
Me:Fine as you can see, am doing good..and u?
hope baby is kicking…….
Shade: I thank God…….
Me:Gud, so, u said you wanted to see me,
what’s it all about?
Shade: I just want to come and beg you for
forgiveness, I know have offended you greatly,
have offended your creator and mine, my
conscience is not allowing me to rest anytime I
think of what I did……pls try and forgive me
Me: No problem, u didn’t offend me…..u said u
wanted to tell me how it happened that’s why
we are here..
Shade: (Crying)…..sincerely, I don’t know how
it happened, it was as if jazz was used on me,
All is still a misery to me olorun
Me:You don’t know how it happened? And u
always collect money from me every weekend
as transport fare to his place, you don’t know
how it happened and you were always going
there every weekend for like 3 months before I
knew all what happened, you don’t know how it
happened that you lied to me that Yomi was
your cousin when we started our
relationship,you don’t know how it happened
that you lied to me that one gbenga was
responsible for the pregnancy before I saw the
truth on your phone. U don’t know how it
happened that you couldn’t terminate the
pregnancy so that I wont know about it, u don’t
know how it happened, you fought me and go
back to that house….am not a fool dear, maybe
you can tell me another lie
Shade:Am not lying dear, pls believe me, am
still confuse, I need help seriously, I don’t know
whats happening to me, I cant believe have
been the one doing all these to you….pls forgive
Me: No problem, if you are not ready then no
problem……………I want to start going pls cos
you are embarrasing me with this your tears
Shade: Am so sorry dear, pls can I beg you for a
favour even before you go
Me: Am listening……..
Shade: Pls am ready to do anything you want,
am ready to terminate this pregnancy even if
its today. All have ever wanted is to spend the
rest of my life with you…..pls don’t leave me to
my fate like this, pls don’t let me suffer
Me: I think I have to go shade
I stood up and wanted to make my way out.
She stood up, knelt down and held my two legs
crying profusely. I was embarrassed as she was
crying seriously…saying “baby, pls am sorry, pls
forgive me, I promised it wont happen again,
pls I want you in my life, pls forgive
sorry for everytyn, have realized my mistake,
pls forgive me”

We became the focal point as everybody
stopped all what they are doing and
concentrated on us, more than 30 people and I
could hear people started murmuring, “guy, pls
forgive this babe now, she has been crying and
begging you for the past 30mins, pls forgive
her abeg”………One chick said “mehn….i can
imagine myself begging a guy like this, this
babe try ooo”…….”bro, abeg forgive her
now….mistake has happened already, pls try
and move ahead, she truly loves you”
One old couples walks towards us and the man
held me by the shoulder “My boy, I don’t know
you ooo and you don’t know me either but look
at my age, if a girl of nowadays can do this for
you in public then she definitely love you and I
don’t think there’s any offence beyond
forgiveness, pls forgive her and move ahead
together…I beg you in the name of God…pls
and pls forgive her, we are all pleading on her

I was dump founded as I became the victim
and didn’t know what to say again, how will I
start explaining to people what she did for me, I
didn’t know when tears started rolling out of
my eyes……..The old man pull her up and ask
us to hug each other and move ahead, she
hugged me immediately and I was a bit
reluctant to respond but the old man and his
wife convince me again……

Shade: Pls am very sorry baby….am so sorry, I
love you so much baby
Me: Ohk, have heard you
Old man: Not that you have heard she
Me:Ohk Sir, she is
Old Man: (laughed)…that’s my boy
Shade: Thanks so much baby
Me: Go and do what you said you want to do
between now and next week Saturday, then we
are back together
Shade: thanks so much dear, am even doing it
tomorrow dear..thanks so much

She hugged me again as everybody was just
smiling at the end of it but I couldn’t smile, so
many things was running through my mind.

The man gave us his contact to call him and
even requested that we visit him next week
Saturday together and I agreed.

We left the restaurant together and she told me
her elder brother was sick and she has been the
one staying with him in the hospital for like a
week and she will be going back there…On my
way home, so many thought was just coming
through my mind, one part said I should just free
her while the other said I should give her another
chance. At the end of so many though I decided
that I will watch and see how event unfold, I will
give her chance again but the commitment can
never be as it was before.

But how will I tell my friends without becoming a
laughing stock? How will I explain to my mum
and most especially Bola, they must not know or
else the abuse I will get will be be
even my padi wey no how to make jest of
someone…Its better I just keep it a secret for now
and look for a way to fill people in and try to lie to
them in one way or the other….

Over the next two days, the less shade will call
me in a day was five times, calls here and there
just for me to forget about all what happened.
Things were coming up little by little, I became
worried when I didn’t receive her calls for like two
days but I decided not to call her or anything…it
was later in the night on following Friday that she
called me

Me:whats up
Shade:You didn’t even try to call me for the past
two days
Me:am sorry, have been very busy ni……
Shade:ohk things change…how are
Me:am fine..what about you? What happened to
your voice, u don’t seems to be alright in the hospital
Me:Yeah..u told me..have dey discharged your
Me:so, what are you still doing in the hospital
Shade:am on admission
Me:what happened to you?
Shade: I lost the pregnancy and my brother get
to know about it
Me:hey yah…how did it happened?
Shade:It was due to stress and thinking, I was on
my way to upstairs of the hospital yesterday
when I slipped and fell down and blood started
coming out…….i was rushed in, clean up and
they told my brother what happened..he’s still
very angry with me but he’s not saying anything
yet until we get home…
Me:All is well dear, when will they discharge you
Shade:Tomorrow…we will be going home
Me:Ohk…maybe I will check you on Sunday
Shade:No problem but you cant come to our
house now cos I don’t know the response of my
brother yet…
Me:No problem ooo…we will see sha
Shade:yes dear..thanks for evrytyn baby, i love
you so much
Me: ohk dear
Shade:Na wah, u cant tell me you love me
Me:we will talk tomorrow abeg..
Shade:ohk oooooo