The Married Single [A Story] – Part 26

We ended the call and I don’t know what happened as it was a bit relief hearing that the pregnancy came down on it on… forward to Monday afternoon, I called shade to know where she was and she told me she was at home (her brothers house). Told her I will be in their area around 5pm. Got to their street and asked to come out of the house as I was beside their house, she came out from the gate and we walked down and settled at a joint..Sincerely, she was looking so lively and different, it really shows she was not having anytyn inside her stomach again, her face has come down, she looks just like the way she was before the pregnancy issue started..i was happy for her and for us

Me:so, how has it been with you? You are looking different and beautiful like before
Shade:thank You dear…Its been serious issue at home jare
Shade:My brother is very angry at me and we have been like cat and mouse at home
Me:Ehn ehn……did he ask about the pregnancy?
Me: what did you now tell him
Shade:Just some lies here and there but it has become a serious issue with my sister now..he said she was the one encouraging me
Me:You see what you caused for your sister
Shade: They will settle later I believe
Me:so, whats going to happen now
Shade: Notyn really you can see, am fit and very ohk (smiling)…I appreciate you for everytyn, your understanding and commitment
Shade:Thank God that what I wanted to do actually came down on it own..that means God didn’t want it to happen too
Shade:am glad we are back together and I promise what happen will never happen again
Me:have heard you…, what next now
Shade:I don’t really know yet brother has been transferred to PH and he was saying we will be going together as he cant leave me at the care of anybody again and since have finish sef, I can be working in their organization before my service.
Me:Since when has he been planning that
Shade:they just said he will be heading the south east and south south region of their organization but I don’t think he wanted to stay there sha
Me:oh oh….so, when is he leaving
Shade:I guess this week
Me:and you will be going with him? What if I didn’t come here?
Shade:We have not finalize if I will be going with him or not now…and I believe we will still see and I will tell you before going
Me:Ohk oooooo

We talk about so many things, I try to question her on how Yomi bleeped her but she dodge the question, I also use style to press her stomach on our way, she caught me and opened her stomach for me pressing it hersef and showing me so many things to signify that she was not pregnant again….i was a bit happy inside me.

I got home late in the night and she called me again…
Shade:hello baby
Me:yes dear…..
Shade: My brother just came back from work an hour ago and said we will be leaving for PH on Wednesday
Me:that’s serious, so what are you going to do?
Shade: I don’t even know..have been crying since he told me and he is not even listening to anybody
Me:na wah oooo…then we will see tomorrow
Shade:am going to the VI with him tomorrow morning, he said we need to go and do some shopping, buy office wears for me
Me:na wah oo..dat means we cant even see before you go
Shade:I don’t even know, lets see what tomorrow look like
Me:No problem, we will see tomorrow…
I didn’t know the kind of thought that came through my mind after receiving the call “well, I think I don’t need to put my mind in this relationship again, person wey we no far to each other b4, she go bleep another person and got pregnant, so now that there is a long distance, whats the tendency she wont do that again”…….i assume the relationship to be a 50-50 chance……

We never had the opportunity to see each other before she eventually left for PH. It was as if she just found a new love, The calls were always from her, but one thing I noticed is that she doesn’t call me at night nor early in the morning and if I call, she hardly pick calls if I call at night and the excuse was always that her brother police her up and down and receiving guys call has always been something else.