The Married Single [A Story] – Part 28

She dropped the call on me the moment I said that….i was devastated, I felt like doing something silly but thank God I was able to control myself. Should I swear for this girl? Even if I didn’t say anytyn, I guess God will be the
best judge between us…………………This girl used me for the first time and used me again for the
second time.

But this is just almost 10months she lost the pregnancy, does dat means she never stopped dating Yomi? So, all her PH has been in Yomi’s house, her reason for not picking call at night was probably cos yomi was around, Yomi was
actually the one policing her around, so have been an assistant boyfriend for the past five years, should I revenge? Lemme leave revenge for God jare, even if I didn’t curse her she had already cursed herself so many times she swear with the bible that no any man will ever see her unclothedness in life, so many times she swear while we her bleeping each other that she will never placed her chest on another guys own again in life except if I tell her am not doing again..if I said mine is bad then definitely there is someone somewhere that his/her own will be worst than mine. I just need to pick myself up, struggle to be something in life so that she will be ashamed anytime our path crossed.


That was how I consoled myself and moved on with my life, she never called after that day and I never called her back either ever since then.

Our path crossed almost a year later at a bust stop and guess what happened?

I was at the other side of the road when I saw someone that looked like shade backing a baby, she was in jean and top…I tried to look very well and realized the same person was trying to dodge me. She couldn’t moved away but just trying to dodge at the back of people waiting for bus. There was no bus and there were lot of people standing there……….”I must confirm this” I said to myself. I crossed to the side of the road and as I was moving towards her, she started moving also, it got to a stage that she couldn’t move again and I had to drag her by the hand

Me:Mummy Elizabeth, greet us now…Why are you running away from me
Shade: Good afternoon (she couldn’t look at my face as she was looking at the other side)
Me:see, you don’t need to run away from me anytym u see me, we have known each other already and I cant deny ever meting you in life. Our path in life definitely thought me a great lesson in life and everytyn that happened between us was for a reason…………Am not angry with you or anytyn cos u didn’t even offend me at all, all I ever wanted is your happiness and I guess you are happy where you are now. Please, anytym u see me, relax yourself, be free, greet me and talk to me cos I don’t have any grudges against you and I can never hurt you for that matter.

Shade: *****faced my side*****Am very sorry for everytyhn..pls forgive me (crying)
Me: You see my dear, you don’t have to be sorry or cry over this……….life is all about
choice, you have decided what you wanted in life and I believe you are happy with it………, don’t be sorry

Shade:am so sorry
Me:How has life been with you…work and everytyn generally
Shade: I thank God…..I have a shop that I sell
provisions in our house
Me:Your husband should have bought you a car
now instead of allowing you walking in the sun
like this with your baby
Shade:God will do it
Me:he can also do it jare….atleast it was
because he has money more than me that’s
why you married him even though am more
educated than him
Shade:Not that oooo
Me:why did you even have to lie to me that u
were in PH?
Shade:Pls lets forget about that cos God’s
understand better
Me:Yeah..he understand
Shade:Each day of my life has always been with
Me:regret ke? Wetyn happen
Shade:U wont understand
Me:You can make me understand, that’s if u
want to
Shade:I will like to but as you can see we are on
the road, maybe when next we see
Me:*****who’s going to see this one*******..ohk
Shade: I know you don’t have my number
Me:yes, cos your number is not always going
Shade:But have always been calling you with
my number all this while, I will just flash you or
sometimes you will pick and I wont say anytyn
Me:*****I quickly remembered there’s a
number always disturbing me that I saved with
*****she called my number again and I
removed it from my pocket and it was
oloriburuku that appeared on it****
Me:I didn’t know u were the one now…I no this
number very well
Shade: Am the one
Me:Lemme save it then……..*******I saved the
number with fool**********
Shade:I will try and call you later
Me:No problem
Shade:How about your wife
Me:Am not married yet
Shade:what are you waiting for? Your girlfriend
Me:They are fine
Shade:They ke? When did you start having
Me:When you turn me to that now…………..Abi
u want me to have one girlfriend again?
Me:lemme even see the face of your baby sef
Shade: ohk….(as she opened her face)
Me: Elizbeth, fine geh..pls don’t be like your
mummy ooo…be a gentle geh ehn and remain
Shade:what do u mean now
Me:u know what I mean…pls am going abeg,
we will talk later
Shade:ohk ooooo
Shade’s eyes were red full of tears all through
our conversation as I walked away. I just
enjoyed the moment, I was laughing and
smiling while she was just there regretting.