The Married Single [A Story] – Part 6


I was restless after the call as so many things was going through my mind, I couldn’t eat nor do anything, I tried her number later in the night but wasn’t going through till the following morning. It will be an understatement if I said I had a restless night. As early as 8am when her number wasn’t going through, I sent her a two line message “If you know I still matter to you and you still need this relationship, you have to
be in my hostel before 4pm today”…………………I never called her again.

It was around after six when I heard a knock on my door and someone opened it…It was shade, she dropped her bag and wanted to hug me but I ignored her….

Shade:is it not you that am greeting?
Me:look here madam, do u think am a fool?
Shade: How now, u no Emmanuel now, he’s a friend……………..
Me:What happened to your number since yesterday? Even if I consented that you should go to his house, do u think its proper for you to go? I pushed you forward and u fell for it abi?

Have been dating you for a year now, have you ever slept in my house? Have you ever slept in my parent house?have we ever spend a night together before? You are telling me Emmanuel is a friend, a friend that you sat on her laps yesterday afternoon in the canteen? Emmanuel that both of you eat together in the same place yesterday? U think I didn’t see you guys? Ode ni mi abi? I never believe you are this cheap, I guess the aftermath of sitting on his lap is to go and spend the weekend in his house so that you guys can enjoy each other very well, I know you guys have been doing it for so long and u never believe I will get to know this way………………

Shade:*****burst into tears and knelt down********am very sorry snakie, am so sorry, it wasn’t like that at all, I never plan it.
Me: you never pan it but am sure you have your cloth that will take you over the weekend in your hand bag…..
Shade: Please am sorry, I no I don’t have excuse, pls try and believe me baby, I will never betray the trust you have in me……Pls baby, find a place in your heart to forgive me. She caught me with her tears as I couldn’t look into her eyes while crying, I just faced the other side as I was still forming voltron….i felt a hand on my back…
Me:Pls leave me abeg, go and meet your Emmanuel
Shade: ****still crying****pls baby, I swear with everything that I cherish in this life,am not dating Emmanuel

*****she dragged me to face her side****************

she was already Unclad, shade was fully Unclad in my presence for the first time since we started dating, konji na bastard too as my ediot Dickson responded immediately, one year without bleeping no be wassa abeg.

Shade: Baby, pls I swear with the all the good things God gave me and the way I am that have never cheated on you, I will never cheat on you and nothing is happening between me and Emmanuel. I realized I made a great mistake, pls forgive and trust me just as you have always been dear. Am so sorry baby.


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