The Married Single [A Story] – Part 9

Bola moved over to my place on sunday, shade
was in my place that day too, it was a fun fair as
we gist abt so many things, they cook and we
eat. They both slept on bed that night while I
managed the rug. We left for school the following
day. Exam started as usual and everytyn was
going on smoothly as planned. Bola will go home
every friday and return on sunday evening, I
sleep on the floor while my bed was totally hers all
through this period.

First week, second week and it was already third
week and almost through with our papers. Bola
came back from home on sunday evening as
usual, we eat normally, read and decided to sleep
around one am.

Bola:have been inconveniencing u all this while
Me:who can do that if not u
Bola:na me oooo…..I think say u go talk rubbish
b4 make I com knack ur head 4u…
Me:knack my head and my own hand go pause
Bola:wetyn u wan do? (hit me on my back)
Me:u hit me cos u no I cant beat u abi?
Bola:u shud beat me now, make I call my
boyfriend 4u….e go finish u totally
Me:try am again wether I no go hit u bad make u
go call ur boyfriend come
Bola:oya wetyn u wan do? (hit me again)
Me:*****hit her back on the buttock*********

Bola:u hit my buttock, I no go gree today oooo She moved towards me and wanted to hit me but
I didnt allow her, that was how rough play started, struggling with each other in the room ,
laughing and both of us were enjoying the play, I realized I was touching so many place on her body (bweast, Buttocks, and all other body part) but she never bothered, I never bothered too anytime her hand brushed my dickson. Our play lasted almost 10mins before nepa struck during the time and I told her its ohk and she won….

Me:lets sleep abeg, u too like rough play
Bola:coward, hope say u no say I b ur oga?
Me:b4 nko? Let me go and shower and sleep.
I went to the bathroom, shower and prepared my sleeping bed on the rug likewise Bola too…..I put off the rechargeable once we both retire on bed

Me:good night bola
Bola:good night……but why not come to the bed now atleast av been inconveniencing u all this while
Me:no problem, I don complain 2u b4…….
Bola:you have never but please come lets manage the bed together…..
Me:dont worry bola
Bola:watz dont worry, if you dont stand up now then I will come and meet u on that bed
(I could hear her standing up already in the dark)
Me:ur wahala too much oooo bola, wetyn u chop this night sef?
Bola:no b u give me food chop?

I decided to move to the bed and need to say here that my bed was not one of the biggest then as it was a medium one that once two people are on it, there might b body contact along the line…..I faced her while on bed as I dont like facing the wall when sleeping while she turn her back to me, my heart was beaten fast but I decided to shrug it off, I thought she was asleep until she turn towards me and our heads were unto each other……she moved her hand over my back and I never complained, I tried to keep my hand in between my chest under my head but I
realised her turning towards me already means her bweast were touching my arm, we were just too close to each other and no much space on bed.


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