The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 10

Abimbola: u no see wetyn dey happen for outside………………we fell down now……….those  guys were almost close to us

Micheal: hey yah…..sorry, we were even worried where u guys would have been cos it didn’t take up to 10mins u left that they started

Abimbola: U wont believe hw I fell on the floor while running……..thankz for snakie that carried me

Gbenga: Carried u ke? How
Kay:from back or from front?
Abimbola: Anyhow………………….thank God we are safe sha….but who them be sef?
Kay: No be those boys, I guess they came to treat some pple fcck up and they would have obtain a lot of pple
Me:Na rob dem come rob now…..

Gbenga: Hope you guys lock gate while coming in?
Me:Yes now…….I dey hungry seriously, lemme go and take my bath then eat
Kay: Na wah oo..u still dey hungry upon wetyn happen
Abimbola:make e no eat ni? Abeg make I prepare our food sef wan baff before eating
Kay: Abimbola, e be like say ur neighbour don dey argue again ooo
Abimbola: Which one be my own snakie be their family member..Snakie suppose dey go stay there permanently now sef
Me:say wetyn happen now…cos I don settle fyt for them come mean say wetyn now…

Gbenga: On a serious note, there’s notyn there, since the guy listen to you, you can always talk to them cos this their fyt all the time is not it
Me:Na tym..i believe they will still stop but the babe love the guy truly but the guy eyes no jst dey stay one place
Tunde: Life is too sweet now….u think say everybody go be like you
Kay: leave am ooo
Gbenga: wetyn snakie no know be say, girls and boys issue na like someone that went to where they sell garri to buy garri ijebu, u have to taste different ones to know the best

Tunde: yes oo..padi mi
Abimbola: See analysis, u see una lyf?…….snakie, pls don’t join their league abeg ooo cos no gain there at all……as dem dey so ehn…..dey will still taste one that will hook dem on the neck

Kay: Na today?
Gbenga: Na 3k Dr Kayode dey do am….e no go even reach five minute, u no go no say anytyn commot for your body
Micheal: Bad guy……but if we start to calculate how much Dr kayoed don collect from you guys, e go don reach to buy land ooo
Me: wetyn Dr kayode dey do for 3k?
Abimbola: Just dey look at them jare………I wan go crash abeg