The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 12

Abimbola came in between us and separated us, labake stood still and was looking at us in surprise

Abimbola:i want to go and pick something in the car
Me:then take the key
Abimbola:i cant go alone, you have to follow me

Labake walked away to go and sit down andthank God 4 leke too that showed up…idragged abimbola out as we make our wayoutside the gate to where the car was parked. Ididnt talk to her all through our way until wegot to the driver’s side of the car..

Me:this is d key (straight face)
Abimbola:are we fyting?
Me: whats the meaning of wat u just did?
Abimbola:as in?
Me:y the scene u try 2 create inside there?
Abimbola:am very sorry, i cant just stand seeing u with that biatch not to talk of d way u guys were..

She came closer to me, pushed my back to the car, started kissing me and dig her hand inside my trouser to locate my dickson. I came u instantly, my hardness was out of this world. I responded and kissed her back, the taste of alcohol in her mouth was hard to take but who am i to complain.

Our kissing lasted for like two minutes before i asked her to wait as so many pple were walking around…..there was eye contact but it was just a smile that came up from both of us

Me:where is wat u want to pick
Abimbola:dashboard side
Me:go tru d other side while i open the door 4u

She walked to the other side, i opened the door 4 her and i put on the inner light while seated on the driver side. It was a surprise when she came in and closed the door. She put off the light, drew me 4rm the neck and started kissing me all over again….i responded to her gesture but not able to take charge of the situation……i released myself 4rm her and she was jst staring at me…..i closed my door, started the car and was moving,she kept looking at me without saying anytyn,i drove 2 the extreme of the last car parked on the street, put off the car , moved a bit closer to her as i started kissing her,she responded,i moved my hand downward to her bump short,Abimbola had already unbuttoned and loosen her zip, my hand was straight into her g-string which left room for easy penetration of my left index finger., Abimbola was seriously wet…i was finger bleeping and kissing her at the same tym,i adjusted the seat downward after a while and found myself on her, it was a full blown romance as i was kissing and handling her bweast at the same tym….i use my hand to pull the short and g-sting down to her knees, she help me remove it from her leg, Abimbola was in front of me without pant or anytyn on…..i thought it will be easy for me but i was finding it so hard even though i was half Unclad too with only my top on…..

I stepped out of the car,streched my hand to bring her out then i lifted her up to my waist straight on the boot of the car behind….my entrance to her wet kitty cat was a smooth one without any traffic…….i started bleeping her as i held her waist so tight going in and out…..i never care if cars are even passing once in a while or not, it was dark and i dont even know anybody…….i was bleeping without no mercy and all bimbola was shouting was pls….pls…..snakie pls………..yes……am dead ooooo………..i wanted to come after a while, i removed dickson and poured on the floor

I was just smiling inside me and was in another mood myself, my aim was to do it in a hard way for her to come back again for my dickson……we switched position after a while as she came down,she held the car and turn her
back to me, i slide in dickson from behind and started bleeping all over again……Abimbola was a bit strong as she came again almost 10mins in our new position but i was still seriously hard and needed to come, she released herself from me and i started pleading for her to let me come but she wouldnt allow me in but instead went to the car from the back sit brought out a big bottle of eva water in the car, clean her kitty cat then put on her bump short while i stood there like mumu looking at her…….

Abimbola draw me with my hard Joystick and started pouring water to clean it up 4me, she realized i was not happy,she brought out my trouser through the back seat too and i was just starring at her as she handed them over to me but i was reluctant to put them on……

I moved her closer to my chest and started kissing her again, wanted to start caressing her bosom but she removed my hand and stop kissing me

Abimbola:its ohk….lets go pls
Me:pls now……i need to come
Abimbola:come ko, come ni……….na u dem send come abi? U want to kill me abi
Me:u know i cant kill u now Abimbola…..pls

I moved her closer and started kissing again, she responded and i moved her hand closer to my dickson, i was surprised when she held it and started rubbing her hand on it….she
removed her lips from mine, held my dickson with her two hand and started playing with
it….she knelt down in front of me and dickson was already in her mouth…..she started digging it hard and didnt take long b4 i started saying rubbish with the way she was treating me…..yes, yes…i love u so much baby……..didnt take up to 5mins b4 i felt something wanting to run out of my dickson, didnt know when i shoot my bullet into her mouth…

Abimbola:ouch…..and u didnt tell me u are coming
Me:am sorry (started cleaning her mouth)
Abimbola:atleast you are satisfied now, so we can go