The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 13

I stood there like dummy and couldnt utter anytyn as she gave me my trouser, i put on my cloth, she went to the front seat of the car waiting for me..i started the car and we started moving closer to the club, it was a surprise that
the last car was moving up and down and Abimbola called my attention to it that some guys are there bleeping each other too….she peep to see them while i slow down

Me:aproko is my hobbie……u don c dem abi
Abimbola:shut up jhoor, sebi u no park
Me:u suppose come down go enter set
Abimbola:u are not serious, go enter set with a peppering kitty cat courtesy of ur rod
Me:am very sorry
Abimbola:sorry indeed but u never pity me when u were doing it
Me:u never complain now………
Abimbola:what do u want me to complain about
Abimbola:agbaya ni e… me u dey use do yeye
Me:no oooo…..hw i go use my love do yeye
Abimbola:who be your love? Hope u av not started dreaming?
Me:dreaming about what
Abimbola:pls, dont let anybody hear about what happened between us abeg, lets assume it just happened and not even any of our guys…i beg u with God name and dont have it in mind that we are dating cos we are not and dont nuture s*x with me in ur mind………lets just assume this is happening between us naturally

Abimbola: lets go inside abeg

So many thought on my mind as we walk in back to the club…why is bimbola doing this? why is it that she doesnt want anything attached?did she actually mean all that or was just hiding her feelings based on the reception
of guys if they find out we are dating……she said i shouldn’t put my mind in s*x with her again…….these and so many more were the thoughts on my mind. It was almost 4am, people were not dancing much again, i separated with Abimbola as we entered d gate of d club……i joined my guys where they were gisting, i didnt meet Leke but labake was in a corner alone….i walked up to her

Me:where is uncle leke?
Labake:he left here not quite long, he will be
coming back soon
Me:so, hw have u been? Hope u enjoyed ursef……
Labake:yeah…..i did
Me:never knew u dance well like dat
Labake:me ke ? No oooooooo……..

“she rested her arm on my lap suddenly but i didnt count it as anytyn”

She now put alot of concentration on our conversation as we gisted about so many
things, laugh at the same tym too and she often touch me at any chance……….my eyes
glance through where my friends were opposite us and it was then i realized Abimbola was already in their midst.

All abimbola’s attention was on us as her eyes were all over us but she couldnt say anytyn as it was a full house. Leke came in like 20mins later and left with labake before i later join my friends. Bimbola didnt make any attempt to talk to me again till we left the club….we got home and evrybody crashed somewhere in the room.
By the time i woke up later around 12pm,i was told bimbola had left hostel to house and will be back during the week….i tried her number but she wasnt picking den i decided to lock up on

It was on sunday afternoon around 1pm while i was coming back home from somewhere when my fone started ringing

Voice:Good afternoon…….
Me:pls, who’s this?
Labake:its me labake….
Me:ahh…..sister labake, good afternoon (was wondering how she got my number)
Labake:good afternoon
Me:where are u?
Labake:am home jare……….what abt u?
Me:on my way home now
Labake:uhmmmm….4rm where? Today is sunday oo and it should be holy
Me:ahn ahn… have a dirty
Labake:dirty mind ke? No oooooo…………what were u thinking
Me:notyn ooo….i shud b asking u dat
Labake:you can see u are d one with dirty mind
Me:nah…….wat of uncle leke
Labake:he is not around
Me:ehn ehn….to where
Labake:he travelled since yesterday afternoon, he should be back later today sha
Me:so, u have been alone in the house since yesterday
Labake:wetyn man pikin go do now
Me:had i know i would have come and keep u
Labake:keep me company ke? So dat una wife can come and embarass me
Me:wife ke? Am not married now
Labake:abeg, lets leave dat cos am sure u no wat am saying and am not ready 4 trouble
Me:lolz….there’s no trouble anywhere…..dont mind her
Labake:mind her ke? Which 1 be my own now….na una wife
Me:pls,lets 4get abt dat…..she’s nobody’s wife here, we are all friends
Labake:i hear u but it would have been nice of u had it been u come around
Me:dont worry, maybe i will come when i rest a bit
Labake:dat will be lovely…..but make sure ur wife or anybody doesnt know u are coming to
my place cos i no want wahala ooo…… call me when u want to come
Labake:i will be expecting u
Me:am already by ur door, come and open pls
Labake:are u sure?
Labake:am coming……..

She opened the door and i was very sure labake was not putting on anytyn all the tym we have been talking on fone as she was only on leke’s top which shows her braless pointing bweast…..