The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 14

she closed the door quickly,streched her hand and i responded…..just a little hug and i could feel her bweast inside the cloth…..

Me:so, hw have u been?
Labake:have been good…..but u told me you want to rest a bit
Me:i changed my mind, decided to come and do the resting here with ur company
Labake:datz nice, i jst hope una wife wont be looking 4u
Me:which one be una wife sef……we are all friends now
Labake:friend indeed, u think we dont know how evrytyn is going inside dat house?
Me:how, i dont know oooo
Labake:lets leave dat abeg…….whay0t should i offer u
Me:notyn… ohk
Labake:know ooo….u cant be ohk….am even preparing rice, maybe we will eat it by the tym its done
Me:till den but am still ohk
Me:waoh……u are not looking bad, beautiful as usual
Labake:stop flattering me jhoor
Me:serious now…..i can see d handwork of uncle leke on u
Labake:which uncle leke, na my hand work oooo
Me:i hear u, u guys left the party without hint 4rm u
Labake:it was leke now……he said we should start going after satisfying himself
Me:but u enjoyed ursef now
Labake:not so much as i expected…….but
atleast a bit courtesy of u
Me:me ke? Na uncle leke now
Labake:leke dat doesnt have my tym…..didnt u see d way he left me alone, i knew he didnt want me 2 follow him in the first place but i forced myself on him but dat doesnt stop him from achieving his aim
Me:and what was his aim that he achieved
Labake:pls, lets leave dat jare….story 4 another tym….am already in this, i jst pray God should show me the way before its too late
Me:what exactly it is, u dont have to hide anytyn 4rm me, remember we are friends
Labake:dont mind him jare, do u know leke actually bleeped at the club yesterday
Me:lailai……hw did u know
Labake:when ur wife came to separate us dat he came around, i wasnt feeling him cos he’s being with me was nt from his mind so,i asked him to let us sit down……not up to five minutes, he stood up and went through the back as if he was going to the pull side, i followed him with my eyes….the next thing i saw was him stepping out of the gate with a babe…..i followed them silently until they got to his car, the rest was history as they bleeped each other in the car, i wanted to cause scene but i realized it will be an embarrassment…..i walk up to him and my husband was already half Unclad in the car with d geh…….i walked back inside and it wasnt up to 10mins datz when u came in……..

Me:uhmmmmm…….u will be good for secret service ooo
Labake:is it not leke, its only if i jst wish to remove my eyes on something dat i will do as if i didnt see
Me::oga oooooo……….wat else did u see at the club
Labake:see…..pls lets leave dat, no b from my mouth dem go hear say iya teacher die
Me:lolzzzzz……..whatz happening between u and bimbola
Labake:that dog? Pls, i dont even want to talk abt her abeg…….
Me:pls tell me now cos i realized u guys are like cat and mouse….
Labake:u shud ask her now……sebi she’s ur wife, abi u want to tell me she has not give u ur own share
Me:share of what?
Labake:of wat she’s selling now……did i even say selling, of her free gift
Me:sincerely, i dont know what u are talking abt cos d only way have known bimbola has been as a friend
Labake:den ask ur friends den
Me:none of dem ever said anytyn like dat…..
Labake:how will dey say……i know all watz happening in dat ur flat and anytyn am saying is d truth…..she shared it to the extent of sharing it to leke
Me:watz she sharing now…..
Labake:her pussssy of course
Me:uhmmmmm……..i dont believe dat, flat to flat
Labake:wat is flat to flat? Someone datz sharing within the room not to talk of flat
Me:hw did u know abt all this
Labake:ohk…..lemme tell u abt d one am very sure of……..
Labake: have met bimbola once before leke moved here….
Me:ehn ehn…..hw come
Labake:there was this my guy then in ogere dat was asking me out who later became my close friend, we use to talk about so many tyns like dat….his girls and all stuffs……so he gisted me about a babe whuch she once dated but had to pass her around to his friends when he realized d babe was so cheap….she slept with like four
of dem differently and d guy turned her to just s*x mate with no string attached…….he use to control her 4rm lagos anytym he want to service his prick and no babe around, it was one faithful day like dat i met her in d guys
hostel and he introduced her to me then we became friend somehow sha……

Me:uhmmmmm…..den wat happened, y d animosity now…..
Labake:we later fought somehow and it was not until leke moved here dat i met her again den we settle our differences
Me:wat was d cause of d fyt then…
Labake:4get it, its ladies issues jare
Me:ohk ooooo…….
Labake:there was this faithful day i came 4rm abeokuta, even leke didnt know i will be coming
home, i had my key so i used it to open the entrance door….getting to the room, i met bimbola Unclad in my guys house… became a serious issue but there was no one at home and leke was begging me not to shout cos he
just moved in to this area……though leke has his own but that bimbola was a loose
biatch…….she cant withstand seeing a prick, s*x is like a food to her…….
Me:na wah ooo….i dont know all this oo…u know i moved in here not quite long
Labake:dont worry, just open ur eyes and ear very well, u will see and hear alot of tyns… jst always concern whenever i see her doing holy holy beside u and am very sure she must have been making advances towards u…..wat am i even saying, am sure u must av done it sef for her to be protecting u like dat
Me:seriously notyn like that and av never thought of dat 4rm her
Labake:you will see now
Me:maybe i should try and make attempt sef and see how it goes
Labake:make wat, if you do, i will never talk to u again cos i will assume u are part of dem
Me:part of who?
Labake:dont worry abeg……..
Me:how did u get my number sef
Labake:lolz……dont worry
Me:pls tell me now….
Labake:have u 4gotten i use ur fone to call mine when i was looking 4 my fone before leke came and we left
Labake:am smart abi?
Me:yeah… with beauty
Labake:you want to start again abi
Me:start wat?
Labake:with ur flattering now
Me:am sure u no am saying d truth…….
Labake:i hear u, abeg lemme go and dish d
food jhoor

She went to the kitchen and my thought was on so many things……..definitely, bimbola and labake knows each other very well but how am i to believe all what she was saying? If there’s any correlation in her gist, its definitely the fact that she met bimbola in her flat just that bimbola story said she was on her way out….

I was surprised when she brought the food in a single plate with two spoon and asked us to sit
on the centre rug instead of the dinning…..she was seating dirrectly opposite me as we started eating as i had no option.. She sat loosely in front on me with the top revealing her inner thigh…..i was so sure there was no pant and to erase my doubt,she managed to push up the cloth a bit which later shows her little hairy pusssy during the cause of our eating……