The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 15

My heart was beating faster as i couldntconcentrate again….dickson was so hard datcontrolling it was a bit of a problem…..we finisheating and i was expecting her to stand up sothat i can adjust myself but she didnt..i realisedstanding up in dat process will revealed dposition of my dickson….i rested my back onthe cushion of the chair and crossed my leg toprotect my dickson while waiting for her tostand up and concentrated on the tv…i was  happy when she stood up after a while but instead of going to the kitchen, she came to sit
beside me.

Labake:hope u enjoyed my food
Me:yeah….so perfect, i wish i can have more but am filled up already
Labake:are u sure u are filled up or u are shy
Me:why should i be shy…am ohk…..
Labake:so, if u are to rate me over 10, wat will be my score
Me:10 over 10 definitely
Labake:uhmmmm u know hw to flatter someone
Me:am serious, thatz d truth
Labake:thank you……..
Me:lemme be going, its almost 6…….
Labake:ahn ahn…..why now, am i pursuing u? or u have someone waiting 4u in ur flat
Me:if someone is waiting 4me den i wud av gone since 1pm now….
Labake:pls wait now…..i will be bored once u are gone, atleast u shud wait till leke is close by
Me:lemme go jare
Labake:pls now snakie

“she rounded her hand over my waist and her head on my shoulder, i could feel her bweast close to my heart”what a temptation……………..

Me:ohk…..i will leave by 7pm
Labake:ohk…thank you so much

“she pecked me but she didnt remove her hand on my waist”…..i don enter am

Labake:so, tell me, whatz ur kind of ideal babe and hw many babe av u dobe so far, whatz ur like and dislike in a lady?

I started saying so many things, telling her about my kind of ideal lady,giving her a full description of her kind of body structure as the structure i wanted in a lady….i coukd see d expression and kind fulfilment on her face…i
realized all the time have been talking, she was rubbing her hand all over my body….i got carried away with the position we were as there was so many thought of shade on my mind, that position made me remember when i was still with shade cos that was always our best position.

I was so carried away that i didnt know when her hand was on my hard dickson…..she was caressing her hand on it playing with my body at the same time, its always from my Tip…….before i knew what was happening, her lips was already on mine as we started kissing…..i was on the floor while she was on me…i responded back and started kissing her back….if there’s anytyn am giving to labake, its d aspect of kissing…labake was a good kisser…..

My heart was still beating faster…i took full control by turning her over, my hand was inside her top as i pull it up, i moved my mouth downward to her bweast and started sucking, her hand was inside my jean as she pull it a bit down….she was playing with my dickson while i was sucking her…she left out a soft moan silently, uhmmmmm……uhmmmmm……..i concentrated on the left one while handling the right one…yes…..yes……yes….uhmmmmm……she placed my dickson in between her wide open kitty cat, she placed it at the entrance trying to rush it in quickly but i was still a bit adamant of going down….a side of my mind was scared that what if leke meet up in that position….

Pls, i need u inside me……pls baby….thatz wat she was saying while still trying to push me in, i removed her top totally from her with her help, i continued with the left bweast while moving my finger downward to her clit, i started playing woth the hair around her kitty cat before digging my index and middle finger inside her kitty catt….Ouch……..i started finger bleeping her real hard..digging in my hand in and out…..i was just staring at her the way she was moaning under me……..i heard horn of a car suddenly, i wanted to stand up bt she pin me down with her hand and leg..