The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 16

I jump up forcefully, put my dickson where it belong as i rushed outside of their flat, thank God there was no one coming up or going out of our room, i adjusted myself very well,clean myself up and make my way inside..i met my guys all in d room gisting…

Kay:oga, which kind wakka u dey wakka sef, u jst commot since morning and nobody know ur whereabout
Tunde:we even called ur no but u didnt pick
Me:make una no vex….i go one of my aunty place ni, i no no say i go stay long like dat
Gbenga:hope say u carry money come cos guys dey hungry since ooo
Me:una no cook….
Micheal:nobody wan cook oooo
Me:make i go take my bath make yam porridge for u guys
Kay:gbayi padi mi

I went straight to the bathroom thinking of what happened…..i was so sure it wasnt leke’s car horn dat i heard bt i was not just comfortable incase he comes back cos it will be disastrous. I prepare food for my guys,we eat chat and decided to go to bed ealy. I was on bed when my phone started ringing… was labake

Labake:hello babyboy….
Me:hw are u doing?
Labake:am fine…….are u sleeping?
Me:not yet but am on bed already
Labake:can i seek for a favour from u baby?
Me:watz dat?
Labake:can i see u 2nyt before going to bed
Me:wat happened? Where’s uncle leke?
Labake:he’s not back jare…..he wasnt d one d other time and he ssid he wont be coming home until tomorrow
Me:hey yah… so sorry, my friend are in d sitting room and dey will definitely ask where am going dis nyt and i wouldnt want dem 2 b suspicious of my movement…pls, i will try and see u first thing tomorrow morning before leke comes back…..
Labake:ohk dear….
Me:so, wat are u doing ryt now……
Labake:notyn really….lying on bed,thinking of u and d wonderful moment i spent with u,all my heart knows i want more of u
Me:i guess u aint putting on anytyn ryt now….
Labake:sure…..hw did u know?
Me:my instinct………dont worry, am ryt beside u in spirit
Labake:nah….i want your real body baby
Me:my real body? Close ur eyes and before you open it i will be ryt beside u
Labake:are u sure?
Me:close ur eyes first…..have u?
Labake:yes dear…..
Me:just imagine am ryt there beside u………..

That was how we started phone intimacy and she so much enjoyed it……leke came very early the following so it spoiled labake’s shows….series of love text msg and calls were frequent from her but i hardly return any……i was stylishly avoiding her……..

Earlier that monday morning, Amaka called me…amaka was one of dose babe i was eyeing den but i was blinded cos of shade’s love….i was in d midst of my friend when she called and to show i was on top of the game, i was serious in psyching her to come to my hostel which she eventually agreed to show up on thursday. My friends was just hailing me that atleast i want to start tasting the fruit (4 their mind)…

Thursday came and Amaka showed up around noon, it was full house of my friends..we went to one of the room immediately she came in and after so many sweet talk, we had s*x, jst one round and it was wonderful being the first tym….Amaka decided to start going around 5pm…..we both step out of the room at the same tym and it was a big surprise when i met Abimbola in the sitting room with my friends….

I was on my way out with Amaka on our street when leke parked beside me, labake was at the front seat and the expression on her face says it all