The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 17

Leke:are u going to the junction
Leke:come in lemme drop u
Me: thank you (we entered the back, all labake’s eyes was on Amaka)..where are u going this evening?

Leke:just want to see someone close by here but labake jst want to pick something in the mini market here
Me:ohk…..good evening sister labake
leke:its u dey are greeting now…
Labake:ahhh……good evening, my mind was not even here again
Leke:wat are u thinking about…
Labake:dont mind me jare…..i guess this is her uncle snakie
Leke:wat kind of question is dat….have u everseen him with anybody before?

Labake:datz y i wang to confirm now
Me:leave dat one now egbon leke
Leke:ohk oooo……whatz d name sister
Amaka:amaka sir
Leke:i hope we will see ur face very soon again
Amaka:dat depend on snakie but i will definitely come again
Labake:pls do come ooo cos we will like to see ur face more often in our house
Leke parked as labake kissed him before we all highlighted from the car….she didnt even wait at all as she just turn her back to the market way.

didnt take long before i got a bus for amaka and she left. I make my way to the market and started loking for labake, i finally saw her in a shop buying things

Labake:ehn ehn….wat happened , what do u want?
Me:ahn ahn…..are we fyting already
Labake:did u c cane or cutlass with me
Me:but ur expression says it all

Labake:wat expression, atleast its cos of that thing u av been avoiding me

Me:baby, pls am not avoiding u now…….i just want us to have a perfect time and a perfect place for us….we need caution pls
Labake:which caution…..spare me pls oko amaka
Me:Amaka is jst a friend now labake, notyn attached
Labake:i hear u……
Me:ohk….dont worry, i promise u there will be time 4 us 2moro
Labake:are u sure?
Me:yes am sure…i wont go out cos of u 2moro
provided leke wont be around
Labake:he is going out tomorrow but am not sure when that will be…..i guess he has appointment with one of his girlfriend too

Me:u and this ur leke sef, i dont know why someone wil av a gorgeous lady like u at home and still be looking outside

Labake:is it not u guys?i jst pray God help me before its too late
Me:God will help all of us
Labake:sebi ur wife is also back now and she will start monitoring ur movement up and down
Me:no now baby, there wont be anytyn of such
Labake:i will say u said so

We talked about so many tyns on our way back home teasing her about her beauty and physique,the moment we had together on sunday and she make jest of d way i ran out of the room….we got to the house, she colllected the bag i helped her with and parted way at the entrance of our individual flat. I waited for her to open their door, she caught me starring at her…..

Labake:go jhoor….ashewo, oko amaka