The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 19

I left them in the sitting room to take my bath, I finished with my bath and Abimbola was already in the kitchen….food was ready in no time, she served everybody and didn’t give me any food..i went to the kitchen when they started eating to dish my own food….i was putting food on my plate when Abimbola rushed into the kitchen and collected the food from me……………

Abimbola: Na u cook am? Why u no ask your girlfriend make she cook 4u before she go abi na me collect all ur energy……………….

Me: Pls now…no do like dat now
Abimbola: Like wetyn……………..Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop am
Kay: Who be monkey and who be baboon

Abimbola: I no no 4 una oooo…….i go dey cook for una and una go dey waste am to somewhere else, I no even expect am to this snakie, I thought he was different from you guys before but he proved me wrong today….As from today ehn, any day wey any of una bleep any lady for this house aside una main girlfriend, no food for that person for this house dat day……………

Micheal: oya now……Mama don talk….una don hear ooo
Me:Atleast make I carry dis one now, sebi na today u make the law
Abimbola: e don start today b dat…

I realized Abimbola was not joking with me even though my other guys count it as joke cos on my mind, I know she wont be happy with wat she saw. I picked another plate and she collected it back from me, I was looking at her with pity as she stared at me with a strong face….i drew her closer with my right hand placing her back on the wall with a kiss to her lips forcefully, she removed her mouth, I knelt down holding her bottom

Me:Pls am very sorry Abimbola, I will explain everytyn to you when we are alone
Abimbola: Sorry for yourself abeg, I don’t have your tym
Me:Pls am sorry now babe
Abimbola: Notyn to be sorry about, I thought u are different before but never know u are the same thing with other guys……………………

I could feel it as tears wanted to started rolling out of her eyes, she clean herself, adjusted, pushed me away and stepped out of the kitchen. I dished my food and went back to the sitting room. I tried to talk to Bimbola later in the night when we were a bit free but she never gave me any chance.

I received a text message from Labake later in the night telling me she cant wait to see me tomorrow that she was missing me already………….(When one door closes, another one open)

The following morning, things were still not normal as usual between me and Bimbola, I waited till around 12pm to see if Leke will go out but he didn’t, I guess maybe probably there was another plan……I later went to school to meet my friends…………Bimbola was also around but still giving me attitude. I received a call from Labake around 3pm telling me she was sorry as she never knew Leke wont be out (which one be my own now, body need rest sef), she told me she was in a salon in our area if I can come and check on him on my way back from school. Told her No that I don’t want people to be seeing us together except if she can come and meet me somewhere, I described the place for her (My cousin’s hostel)…..she said she will show up if she finish early, just told her to call me if she will make it or not.

She eventually showed up around after 4, apparently she didn’t make her hair again but only retouched. We had nice time together for the next two hours and we went our separate ways to house……We had s*x again once during the week in her flat and I totally ignored Abimbola, our case was like cat and mouse in the house as she never gave a chance to explain myself.

It was getting to two weeks that Abimbola have been giving me attitude and I never show concern either, people have started noticing closeness between me and Labake in the hostel but nobody suspected anytyn, our conversations has been mutual and there was no problem between him and Leke again, she doesn’t even care again even if Leke go out and didn’t come back home, I don’t know if it was love or lust she had for me. Guys went out and some didn’t return back to the hostel, it was only three of us around, Me, Gbenga and Abimbola and I sometimes leave them at home too.

We had a party to attend on Friday and we all converge at the party on the island, Gbenga decided he will be coming back to the hostel on so as other guys…I told dem I will be going home too so, Abimbola was the only one going back to the hostel.