The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 20

I went clubbing with Labake on Friday evening before which I already asked my cousin to leave his hostel key behind for me as he told me he was going home for the weekend……….we crashed in the hostel early on Saturday morning and it was a full round of s*x as usual throughout the whole day…….Labake was actually a s*x machine as she never got tired. I love the fact that there was no string attached between me and Labake as we were only enjoying ourselves. The most surprising thing was that leke didn’t even call her throughout our stay together. She begged me she wanted to go home on that Saturday to pick up something for Leke as he will be expecting it but promised to be back on Sunday and if possible we will see.

I saw her off, when I got back, I realized there was nothing worth waiting for in my cousin’s place so the best thing is for me to go to the hostel and crashed. I rested till around 9pm but I decided to make my way to the hostel and my
aim was to go and crash immediately am home.

I got home and the main door was opened, TV was on and musicals playing with loud volume,
I went straight to the room to pull my top and came back to the sitting, my mind was like lemme check Bimbola in her room……….i opened her door and Alas what I saw was beyond my imagination…

Leke was on doggy style with Abimbola sweating like Christmas goat…………they paused immediately they saw me….i shook my head, closed the door and went back to the sitting room, Leke came out like five minutes after and went straight to his own flat…I went to the kitchen to prepare and was eating my noodles when Abimbola came out to meet me after taking her bath…she was on one of my top with a bump short. She went and lock the door then knelt in front of me

Abimbola: Snakie pls am very sorry
Me: Sorry for what?
Abimbola: For what just happened?
Me: What happened? Notyn happened now, atleast we are not in any relationship
Abimbola: Uhmmmm……To you we are but to me its not the same
Me:what the difference
Abimbola: The difference is that I hold u in high esteem but am ashamed of myself, am ashamed of the kind of person I am…pls forgive me
Me: Sincerely, u didn’t offend me, life is all about choice and u made yours but it will be an understatement if I said u didn’t disappoint me…I never expected this, even if u want to do this it should have been outside and not within flat to flat
Abimbola: (Started crying)…………….

Please forgive me, I promise it wont happen again
Me: Whats my own even if it happens? Am less concern
Abimbola: Pls now snakie, you are angry with me……..But u know u also offended me
Me:Offend do? What did I do 2u?
Abimbola: What of Amaka? Even if u want to do her, you should have respected me
Me: so, u think am as cheap as you? For your information, Notyn happened between me and Amaka and I can call her now to confirm…..All I was saying that day was just to hype myself in the midst of guys so that they wont mock me….u think I dig my prick in every hole?…dont even say anytyn regarding that abeg
Abimbola: So notyn happened between u and Amaka
Me: Yes, notyn happened
Abimbola: (still crying)……….pls forgive me Snakie, cover my secret pls and don’t let people hear this
Me: ohk……I will only forgive you on some conditions
Abimbola: Whats that? Am ready to do anytyn

Me: How long has this been going on and what’s the issue between you and Labake? I want notyn but the truth or else, everybody will know what happened…………..

Abimbola: Pls, don’t let us go to that abeg…pls am sorry

Me:Its ohk….case close then, we are good

Abimbola: Are u angry?

(I stood up)