The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 22

Me: so, when did u start with Leke?
Abimbola: Pls, lets forget about that

Me: You have to tell me……….
Abimbola:ohk…. I met Labake here like 6months after Leke moved in cos she wasn’t constant here then, I was not always around most time she came and I was not even ready to meet my competitor…..Leke is too
promiscuous now, didn’t take leke up to two month before he started asking me out….it was my bweast…her eyes were always on my bweast, he can die of it…………so, one thing led to the other, I accepted, we had s*x after two months he has been disturbing me and I thought I could build up something with him even though he told me he had a girlfriend but I was ready to fight for him with any geh with my love…….Not until Labake showed up and I realized she was the main chick he was talking about………………I stepped back initially but Leke will not stop disturbing me, money into my account, text messages and all sort, telling me sweet words on how he enjoyed me on
bed…….labake caught us one day, it led to some fyt which we later settled

Me: the one you said she met you on your way out?
Abimbola: Yes
Me: But why did u lie to me then…….
Abimbola: I jst don’t want to bother you about the past not knowing this will happen
Me: uhmmmm…… did u guys settled it
Abimbola:i called her on fone later and made her realized she should jst 4get abt wat happened between me and leke as she will be d loser at d end cos i have notyn 2 do with leke and i could go to the extent of showing leke the
videos i have with me……me met face to face later and i promised i wont trespass on her property again even though I never felt guilty for what I did…………………….i guess she’s now trying to get to me through you

Me: through me as in?
Abimbola: Which lady will not be happy to have you as a guy in her life? Do u think she’s happy with the way Leke is treating her? I guess its her past that’s hunting her and believe she should just endure as she’s already thinking of settling down
Me: Did Leke know all this about Labake
Abimbola: I don’t think so cos have whined leke so many tyms but notyn like that has come from his mouth

Me: So, how did I come into the picture?

Abimbola: I guess Labake has been watching you among guys since you came into this house, we know ourselves very well and I know the look on a lady when she’s into a guy…..she realized I also have feelings 4u cos of the way I use to come around you, reason she’s getting close 2u to pass a message to me that if i misbehaved, she will leak my secret to you and am very sure she has feelings 4u and want to bleep u which i can never allowed to happen cos she’s a devil

Me: (if Labake is a devil, then what are you? ) so, where is d video with u

Abimbola:i have one in extra memory card inside and i have back up at home
Me:bring it lemme c

She went inside, brought the memory card, slot it into her fone and wat i saw was scary….i couldnt believe it if I didn’t watch it….. What they did to her was bad

Me: You guys didn’t destroy the video after they settled it for you guys……
Abimbola: We brought it out, destroyed it but I have a backup for future purposes cos I don’t trust her too
Me: So, what now led you into it again with him……………….

Abimbola: he stopped disturbing me when Labake started coming around often, I found solace in you and thought we could build up something secretly, forget about my past, find a good time to tell you when we are stronger, even if guys will know about our relationship, it can be after u guys have left..but I was devastated when I came in two weeks ago and met u inside with a lady, I was lost in thought this evening seeing a movie, I didn’t know how he knew nobody was around today…………he entered and it all started like normal gisting before he started pleading to me on how he missed me and all sort..he begged me that he will never come back again if I allow him this last tym..i struggled with him and after so much struggle and fight, he had an upper hand and we started from the sitting room to where u met us………………..

Me: (struggled with him, had an upper hand and u guys moved from sitting room to the main room…….

****snakie u mumu sha, c as dem dey give u chop, u no even dey eat am but they drink am like ocean water*****)

uhmmmmm……………Did any of guys know about all this

Abimbola: Nobody…I swear to God…am telling you all this because I trust you and I love you

Me:Love me? Pls stop it abeg
Abimbola: Yes I do..even though I behave childish when I had the opportunity…I make u feel as if I was doing you a favour but I couldn’t help it seeing you beside another lady not to talk of Labake cos she’s a devil in an angels cloth

Me: uhmmm…I don’t even know what to say……………..
Abimbola: Pls, am very sorry snakie, pls forgive me..i want to build my life all over again..i want to correct my past deed…………I want to live a better life with a guy that will love me with everytyn…..pls forgive me…am very sorry

Me:Ohk…..No problem….You are forgiven and I promise you nobody will ever hear this and your past

Abimbola: Are u sure?
Me: yes…believe me
Abimbola: Thank You…Thank you so much…….i love you so much snakie…….

She kissed me, I didn’t respond, told her I want to rest as I was tired already……………………I went inside, laid on bed and started thinking of so many many questions begging for answers….How did I find myself in this mess? What led me into this? How did I find myself in between these devils? How will I escape this poo? Am I the pawn in these babes chess game? What will the outcome be if I opt out? Can I leave both of dem without fyt? Have I not
resurrected a sleeping dog from his slumber? What will I do? How will I escape without anybody being hurt? What will happened if both of dem eventually find out that am bleeping them at the same time? What will happen if Leke knew am bleeping his babe?……………Which kind wahala be this?