The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 23

I searched for sleep but wasn’t coming, my mind was not at peace, I was already thinking of the danger ahead….i knew I was sitting on a gun powder cos I can’t imagine what will happen if everything burst out. It was like, what if it happens tomorrow…………..

I had to use sleeping tablet when sleep was not forth coming……………….

I never knew the sleeping tablet I used will caused problem to me, I woke up the following morning and realised I had no cloth or even boxer on me again..i was totally unclad, lying on my chest was another unclad body with part of her bweast on me…one of her hand was covering my Joystick….the effect of the drug I used was on me as I was still a bit tired and still feeling sleepy, I never knew if anything happened between us that night but my prick was not standing to it normal size……………….

I adjusted myself but was too tired to stand up and her weight was even telling on me……I dint know if it was jazz or my forgiving mind, I already had a soft spot for her and I never look angry or think about what happened yesterday

Abimbola: Good morning snakie
Me:Good morning, what happened to you…u just slept like that
Me: told u I was tired now but u though I was joking
Abimbola: Pele, what will u eat
Me: Dunno jare, what do we have at home?
Abimbola: Maybe we should take yam and egg with tea
Me:do we have everytyn at home?
Abimbola: Yes I guess……
Me:Lets go to the kitchen then…(I cant afford to allow her cook for me alone, I need to monitor evrytyn, I fear Abimbola more than anytyn else now)

We were busy preparing our food, both of us were roaming inside the house unclad without even anytyn on….i checked through my fone and saw a text from Leke asking if I can give him a chance and lets see later in the evening
at mama uche’s place. I replied him and said no problem dat I will meet him up later in the day………….

We finished eating, I was still feeling sleepy so I went back inside, Bimbola came to meet me and wouldn’t allow me to sleep, she started with rough play and all sort, before I knew what was happening, her mouth was already on my Dickson as she started sucking, didn’t take time for the Dickson that was not upright before to charge up fully..i laid down looking at what she was doing without touching her or anytyn………………First time she was giving me a Bj.

She adjusted herself, turn the other way round, her bottom to my face, I understood what she meant, apparently wanting me to suck her too or something but I was not even in the mood for that…I was actually tempted to touch, from holding the bottom, I found my finger caressing her center of gravity, I started playing with the hair on her clit, I was moving my finger in and around the area before I forgot my sorrow and index finger was already in her going up and down…I added my middle finger later and my fingers were going in and out of her kitty cat, didn’t know when I started going harder as I later forgot my fingers inside her kitty cat when I couldn’t handle her sucking anymore………I did her bad by coming into her mouth, don’t know if she swallowed it or pour it away but what I was sure of was she didn’t even moved an inch..

She brought out CD under the mattress, put it on my Dickson and started riding me, she was doing a perfect job as I was enjoying myself, we switched position after a while, changed to mummy and daddy’s style, started bleeping her…we both came again after like 20mins, we shower together and retired on the bed still unclad.

I woke up around after 4pm, rearrange myself and Bimbola clean up the whole house..i was watching film around to six when Leke called me that he was waiting for me at Mama Uche’s place……I dashed out to meet him, he seated at a coded area there, he offered me drink and pepper soup which they brought for me…….

Me:How far egbon Leke
Leke: I dey oooo
Me:Hope say no be cos of wetyn happen yesterday u call me
Leke: Yes, pls am very sorry for what you saw
Me: Forget that one egbon…….she be my wife abi girlfriend ni? I no how e dey go now…..Egbon abeg enjoy ursef oooo……………

Every lady Kitty-Cat na like local firewood stove, anybody can insert his own firewood

Leke: Wa sere padi mi…….But Labake must not hear this oo
Me: Haba egbon Leke, how I go tell her this kind tyn now
Leke: U know she’s ur padi and she fit wan dey whine u
Me: When I no be small pikin egbon, forget that side abeg, notyn dey happen……
Leke: ose padi mi……u no Bimbola na osho free now, I no even wan do ooo but she just dey carry hersef jump ontop my neck ni even when she no say Labake dey
Me: Na lady now, wetyn she u dey expect before
Leke: U no Labake na free giver now……even if u no ur way very well, u sef go enter her..she no go even stress u at all..just that you na lover boy, u dey always play love love..U no be like your other guys
Me: I never reason am to that side now…..we all count her as our sister and there’s no feelings like that from every one of us
Leke: Did u say your sister? Lolzzz……………Boys are not smiling at all oooo, ask your guys now, dem go gist you the main thing
Me: Main thing as how egbon Leke
Leke: U wan tell me say u no no say na virtually all ur guys don mark their register ontop her Kitty-Cat?
Me: To God who made me, I no no anytyn oooooo……………..No wonder guys no dey send her again…Na my sister eye I dey take look am ooo……but I notice say she dey carry hersef come meet me but that kind thing no dey my mind now
Leke: forget that one snakie………………..if I no no anything, am very sure of the one of Kay, Na kay first dey enter her on mutual benefit before he finally dump her………den micolo chop hin own before Gbenga but am not so sure of
Tunde…But your guys suppose yarn u all this tyn now
Me: Maybe dem no wan derep the babe for my face…………..
Leke: maybe sha……………so, u see say she no worth make I loose my relationship cos of that free giver
Me: e no worth am at all…..even if she no be free giver like that sef, chop and clean mouth na d main thing oooo
Leke: wa sere padi mi……I go wish make u try your luck with the babe, u go see say she tyt die but just make sure say u use condom before bleeping her ooo cos I no trust the babe
Me: I no even need am jare, na better babe me I want for my life, I no fit dey waste my Pour anyhow like that
Leke: U see wetyn we dey talk….u just dey dull ursef, atleast before the real babe come, u go still dey use Abimbola greese body…………

Labake: uhmmmmmm…… wah ooooo

********we didnt know labake was behind us listening to our conversation*********