The Married Single [A Story] – Season 2, Part 27

Necessary treatment was done on her that day after which dr told us she will be okay within 3 to 5 days….instead of going to the hostel, i went home cos i couldnt imagine that none of my friends even called to find out how she was doing or anytyn……they were all heartless and i was so disappointed in them.

Abimbola mum called me the following day to thank me again and asked if i will be coming to check on her which i told her i will come later in the day……she said she want me to go to her hostel with her brother and pack all her things as she wont be staying in the hostel again…….i went there around 2pm, she was sleeping when i got there, i left with her brother to our hostel, i met nobody at home, we packed all her things without leaving anytyn behind……..i still call guys but none of them picked up so i decided to wait for them…..they all came home around 8pm and were surprised to see me

Me:Sincerely u guys are heartless, how could u abandon her just like that……and even u kay that knows how u left us in the hospital

Gbenga:wetyn u want make we do now….na we give her drug use

Micheal:na we give her belle ni

Me:so, una no say she get belle, una know say she use drugs

Tunde: no be today now…….

Me:so, what if she died at home?

Kay: dat was more reason why i quickly took her to the hospital so that she wont implicate us most especially me…….

Me:then i guys its either one of you guys that impregnated her


How come

Me:guy, 4get that one…i no all of u are bleeping the babe and guess mayve she got pregnant for one of u and u guys forced her to use drugs

Kay:nobody forcedd her to use drug snakie……….lemme tell u the truth, Abimbola is the cheapest babe i have ever seen in my life…….tell me, how will a babe be bleeping five friends at interval in the same room with the intention that none of them will tell each other

Gbenga:it all started with kay before i asked her out, she agreed and we started bleeping each other secretly with the promise not to let anyone knows, along the line micheal bleeped her, so as tunde and john and she believed we wont tell ourselves……which was very ridiculous…….

Micheal:we were all surprised when leke started bleeping her too…..leke was high that very day she told us and he had already said it before knowing the effect of what he said….

Kay:mere seeing her on Sunday, we dont need a soothsayer to tell us she was pregnant, apparently she decided to use drug instead of going for D&C…..drug is very dangerous and we believed she want to implicate us….what would have happened if you hadnt go in that day? She would be dead inside and it will become a police case, which will put us in trouble. ….we dont want wahala and d best is to excuse ourselves from her….we have made up our mind that we will send her away if she eventually make it back

Me:there’s no need for that sef as her parent has come to pick all her things and i guess she’s not coming back here

Gbenga:ope ooooo…..thank God oooooo……we dont even need her here again sef

Me:u guys no do am well, if not for anytyn, u should have showed up atleast Kay:guy 4get that one abeg….how’s she now…

Me:she’s a bit better sha

Tunde:file…..oko bimbola

Me:una dey craze

Kay:sincerely, u tried for the babe ooo….i no fit do wetyn u do oooo

Me:i hear u……. I spoke with bimbola the following day and she told me she will be discharge on sunday, told her i will come and check her on saturday evening……